Hello, I'm Pluto

  • Hi.

    I'm Pluto, some of you may know me from MinecraftPvP which was THE original Minecraft PVP neetwork being the biggest server in the world for a while. I was an Administrator, Moderator, and a whole bunch of other things. On MCPVP, day to day activities included: Banning players, pardoning players, issuing premium ranks/kits, moderating the forums, answering support related questions, actively participating on the TeamSpeak, managing the TeamSpeak with LlamasATA, looking through suggestions, communicating with moderation staff, working with moderation staff to make the community better, training moderators, critiquing moderator skills, rotating kits, and working with administration.

    Currently, I'm a moderator on Mineplex and I moderate their forums as well.

    So yeah, hi.

  • Hey Pluto, great to see you here! :)

  • Hey! It's good to see any old mcpvp'ers here. Welcome!

  • Headshot's only hope <3

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Hey @Pluto1099! I'm pretty late to this post, but it's nice to see you again. Hope to see you around!

  • Banned

    hey there bb

  • Welcome to the community.

  • hello pluto! welcome to the community! (▰˘◡˘▰)

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