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    Quem já não passou por estar à observar as skins em skins do momento/novas/melhores skins e acha um skin que gostaria de usar, não no momento, mas futuramente?
    Minha sugestão é ter como armazenar de alguma forma alguma skin que eu achar para eu poder usá-la mais pra frente.

    Anyone who has not been to observe skins in skins of the moment / new / better skins and find a skin that I would like to use, there is no time, but in the future?
    My suggestion is how to store somehow a skin that I buy so I can more forward

  • Mate, your question is basically asking to buy skins..?

  • yer same

  • @Faithhhh Save skins to use in another time

  • @Raandow said in Future Skins:

    @Faithhhh Save skins to use in another time

    oooh, ok x3.

  • these skins? alt text or minecraft ones

  • You could download the skin to your desktop.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Just put the skin on a private alternative account if you own one. If not, get a friend to use it, download the skin file on your computer and ask your friend to delete his copy of it.

    If you're creating the skin yourself, just keep the skin file somewhere on your computer.

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