My OptiFine cape got moved to someone else's account. Help?

  • This morning, everything was fine and going well. Until now my optifine cape got moved to this kid's account "FLOKBON" and I don't know who he is, or how they got access to my optifine account. Help anyone???

  • I'm so sorry, But I don't know how to help you. Here's something to ask:

    You should try resetting your password... Can't you change the cape back to your account as long as it's in your donation email? Orrrr, did you have your cape on another account, from someone else's donation?

  • No. I bought my OptiFine cape right off the website. Aaaand the email is switched. ;(

  • @Hightz Hmmm. You can try donating again, make sure you have access to the donation email. Sure it's not someone like your siblings or friend..?

  • My sibling doesn't play minecraft. And it's my e-mail.

  • i'm pretty sure you can just move it back after 24 hours with your donation email and if not then you can contact optifine

  • @Seretical Hmm. Ok i'll try that tomorrow.

  • @Hightz Don't know how to help you then... Can you contact anyone? I'm not familiar with optifine's website. I was extremely kindly donated one by RemixHeart here on the forums, so I'm not sure how the account works.

  • Are you the original owner of the cape, you bought it? If not, there's nothing you can do about it.
    If yes just go to Optifine click on "login" then "request password" use the e-mail you used to donate and that'd be it, enter with the password they've send you and you'll be able to transfer the cape back to you @Hightz

  • Rip i feels so bad

  • alt text

  • Rip, it says the donation email is incorrect. ;(

  • @Hightz If you still have the email from when you bought it, you could send it to optifine themselves and explain what happened. Then they will probably give it back.

  • The same thing happened to me @xStrafinq took mine

  • idk why or how but whenever I change my optifine cape it always logs me out of my mc and says my password is incorrect on the website and the launcher .. ?

  • I feel so bad! :( I apologize, but there's nothing I can do to assist. I'm not familiar with OptiFine in its entirety, much less the website, cape, or how any of it works. Hope you can get your cape back, though!!


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