• okay so i've seen on some people's profiles they have gifs as there background i was wonder how you can upload them bc i can't ?? i'll appreciate it thanks xx

  • You can select a gif from your files onto your banner..
    it must be a certain size tho.
    never works for me T^T

  • aaah right i never knew thank you ; v;

  • @cheyr said in help:

    aaah right i never knew thank you ; v;

    anytime ;D <3 ~

  • @Faithhhh 0_1484954745620_upload-d94c5819-2259-4be9-8500-61047de11b6e rip : ((

  • @cheyr Has to be smaller x3

  • aaa right i'll try that ^^

  • 0_1484955143273_upload-d4b95d3c-c6ea-4c9c-978a-b9ca28e2cd8b


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