How Did You Start Playing Minecraft?

  • I started from a friend giving his account to me since he didnt like it anymore


  • It was about 4 years ago I guess, and Minecraft was really popular so I decided to join and here I am now.

  • I played Roblox and I saw an ancient Yogscast video of a pirate shit and thought Minecraft looked dope as hell so then I got it on my 10th birthday

  • My brother once started playing it, he let me play it, I enjoyed it, and bought an account for myself! ^^

  • Got the game during December of 2010. Used to play Classic and the Demo.
    Found the game from an old Yogscast video about a mod to do with furnaces or something.
    I still remember what the world they used on the video looks like.

  • I played Pocket Edition for a while then eventually decided to get PC edition in May of 2013. :p

  • got it when it was in alpha, been hooked to it since (so around 5-6 years)

  • it was popular and i wanted to try it lmao

  • i was looking on youtube like a few years ago in like 2014 and "minecraft" showed up on the side. after i saw the video, that day i got the game( ´∀`)☆

  • I was eating fries and said "I should get

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Well back in 2011 for a few weeks my friend from school kept telling me to try it out. I couldn't find the game straight away due to him telling me the name was "my craft." Eventually I found out and started playing from there.

  • My ex best friend convinced me into getting an account back in 2014, twas great

  • My friend downloaded Minecraft, when i was in toalet. The best experience.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    I bought it, that's how.

  • my cousin texted me one day "hey wanna play a dumb game with me? I have an extra account"

    'twas on that day I had even less of a life

    also he just told me to get on mineplex and I had no clue how to play at all

    for a long time I thought you crafted stone tools w/ smooth stone

  • My brother was playing it and thus my addiction began

  • I had randomly come across the game early alpha days, couldn't figure out any crafting recipes then quit. Came back shortly after and finally figured out how to start off and progress through the game and now I'm still on it. :p

  • I found one laying on the floor.

  • A friend had an account in beta, let me try it.. "Meh" and then I started modded and never returned to vanilla only.

  • Like 3 years ago and I got MC for Christmas
    My dad downloaded for me

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