Leaving the NameMC community...

  • I decided to leave the community because I don't think it is the same. Congrats to name snipers and have a great time I might come back around summer time and most of you don't know me or even heard of me but good bye! :)

  • You've only made 1 post..?

  • Your choice, not ours ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • 1 Post
    Ill miss u xD

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Take care.

  • By person you will be missed, I think.. <3 Btw you've made so many posts brain explodes.

  • You too.

  • Bruh never even seen you. I'm sure you've seen me though. ;d


  • byeeeee :love_letter:

  • never got to know you but

    gl in the future <3

  • cya homie g

  • Bye!! Have fun and take care c:

  • Because I'm a good person, avoid the van parked outside your room


  • One post...

  • adios amigos ):

  • Good riddens

  • ရုံသူဖြစ်ကောင်းသာအာရုံစူးစိုက်မှုအဘို့ပြုဟုဆို: P ငါရိုင်းစိုင်းဖြစ်ခြင်းမဟုတ်ပါဘူးကိုယ့်ကားဟုတာပါ.ထိုအခါငါသည်လည်းသင်တို့ကိုဘာသာပြန်ဆိုမှာ google အသုံးပြုနေသည်အလောင်းအစား

  • lol ok cya

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