I'm really disappointed.

  • Please read this. Kohi is gone. Forever. No going back. No such thing as "KOHI IS BACK".

    "@BadlionNetwork and @KohiNetwork Merge [ Rant and Info ]
    For all of the Kohi players or staff members who have no idea who I am, allow me to introduce myself. I am a avid Badlion player, occasional Kohi player and @Archyb0t's girlfriend. As a player I know a lot more than even some staff members of Badlion and Kohi and since I'm actually allowed to explain everything, I am.

    So if you go through @prpl_z's twitter and look at the tweets from the past week or so you will see him ranting about Kohi,.. Three of his tweets proving this are below, but there are many more on his twitter.

    The rest of the Badlion Staff Members and Kohi Staff Members found out by Archy's announcement thread on the forums. The thing that i find interesting, is not one of them is making a scene about it. The Badlion Staff team is teaching the Kohi Staff Team all of the gamemodes and vice versa. Now the Kohi Staff Team has watched as the Kohi Server tore apart prplz, they are overworked and treated like shit by some of the Kohi Players. Both sides of the servers found out today and are completely on board with the idea, so why the fuck are the players throwing a fit.

    I know there are a shit ton of rumors going around due to the lack of detail that prplz, Gberry and Archy gave everyone so allow me to shed some details. Yes, Gberry approached prplz about a possible merge however, unlike what a lot of you think prplz was very on board with it from the beginning.

    I'm sure most of you have figured out why prplz was so on board with merging with Badlion but for the ones of you who are slow as shit, let me explain it to you. Prplz prefers the development side over the other aspects of servers. He never imagined how stressful Kohi would turn out, and honestly, I don't blame him. I've seen Archy get so pissed off with Badlion he almost punches a wall in our apartment, and when it gets that bad he can just say to Gberry "I'm taking a break" and vise versa.

    Owning a large Gaming Network is really fucking hard, there are times you need to be able to take a step back and take a break. Prplz was never really able to do that, there would be times it would get overwhelming and he'd just have to suck it up and keep pushing. I'm sure to some of you it doesn't sound that bad, but never being able to escape what tears you down is scary and can even be dangerous at times.

    Something I would also like to elaborate on is how the servers are merging. every Kohi Gamemode is staying exactly as is besides Practice. The Future Practice 2.0 and Arena PvP s13 are merging together, and as someone who had heard of Badlion's s13 Arena, trust me... It's going to be quite the Arena / Practice Server.

    Note to the Kohi Players :
    Badlion Players, Badlion Youtubers, Streamers, and Famous Players, Badlion Staff Members and even Kohi Staff Members have faith in Badlion to keep the Kohi Legacy alive. You guys seem to think throwing a fit on the Practice Servers is going to keep the merge from happening but it isn't. They've already signed the paperwork, and everyone is rushing to get the Badlion fixed up for the merge. Have faith in the guy who created and built the Kohi Network up from scratch, if he and his whole Administration Team think it's for the best why will you not quit the shit and listen to them?

    Note to the Badlion Players :
    Thank you for being on board with the merge and working with the Kohi players coming over. :)"

  • i literally gave up reading on the first 5 letters

  • @Hackplex Dude same.

  • @Pyrotechnic make your signature smaller u dumb nut

  • @Hackplex hhehehe nut.


  • @Pyrotechnic said in I'm really disappointed.:

    @Hackplex hhehehe nut.


    instead of gordan r saying ' you f'ing donut ' it should be: 'you f'ing nut' now tbh

  • @Faithhhh NUT.

  • @Faithhhh @Pyrotechnic what have i started oml

  • @Hackplex more drama.

  • @Faithhhh No wait no no no.

  • @Pyrotechnic yes wait YES YES eBOY

  • @Faithhhh I feel like this is why I got on a small server and was banned for being an eBoy. :/ I had never even played there before. :(

  • How long did this take you to write?
    I gave up reading the first paragraph
    like stoP

  • Atleast we still have this.
    0_1484837047079_Screenshot (521).png

  • it's too early to read the bible

  • @Hackplex said in I'm really disappointed.:

    i literally gave up reading on the first 5 letters


    THERE SERVER MERGED awkejnawkenaweawenalwenawkj :O

  • Was too long for meh lil brain to pOcEsSS

  • @Sinfuls said in I'm really disappointed.:

    Was too long for meh lil brain to pOcEsSS

    i think we all agree we dont need to read twilight again
    haha i've never read twilight, but its such a long book ;;

  • @Faithhhh More like War and Peace O-o


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