Latest You've Stayed up Doing What?

  • Pulled an all nighter cause guests didn't feel like leaving my house.

  • I've stayed up to like 16:00

    I had a normal day but i just didn't go to sleep

  • I usually stay up all night doing random shit, so yeah.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Like my friend and I stayed up 40 hours, watching DBZ.

  • @mooshroom Don't think you can beat my new "Arrow" addiction on Netflix... Last 3 days of winter break = binge mode.... (There was a little bit of sleep after about the 50 hr mark :3)

  • Stayed up all night being stupid with friends

  • 72 hrs or more idk

  • maybe 48 hours or less. I forgot the time changes of military time, since I normally live in the EST time-zone >.>

  • A whole 24 hours, I got payed 40 bucks, and I watched like 2 seasons of Total Drama Island. I'll say it was worth it.

  • All night playing some shitty mc server...

  • A logn time ago me and my friends were being stupid on summer and he said if you stay up for 72 hours you wouldn't be able to fall asleep and you could just stay up forever. Nobody believed him but there were a lot of us and we kept telling each other we wouldn't do it so we did it. I actually made it to like 90 something hours but like 3 others made it longer than me. I think the only reason we made it was because we kept doing things and went outside and walked in the cold an road our bikes. It kept us up.

  • all nighter talking to my boyfriend
    what else would i do

  • Also Pulled an all nighter with my friends for fun at a sleepover

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