Your custom PC (Or purchased PC) and Why

  • If you built your own PC, what is unique about it? Why did you build it the way you did and for what purpose (other than gaming, assuming there is another purpose) Post a picture here.

    If you purchased a PC why did you get what you did? Post a picture here!

    Currently in the process of saving up for a custom Build. Mainly for work, gaming, and server hosting. (I'm using a raspberryPI module for my database servers, while it's neat and it works decent, it's slow af.)

    I'm interested to see what the community has.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Got a MacBook Pro (mid 2012) replaced the shitty HDD with a Samsung SSD and replaced both 4GB RAM cards to 8GB ones. (16GB in total)

  • I know that @Breezyswirl wants to build a PC,
    I'm just using some really old hp laptop, for now, I don't know the specific name. I usually use an iMac, but the fan is broken, and it's loud asf if i turn it on (. > .)

  • Okay, So. I had a prebuilt pc by commission. Meaning they put together parts i wanted in the computer. I used iBuyPower, let it be know that they SUCK MASSIVE ASS! There for the motherboard, wasn't what I wanted. The Cpu(Processor) Also not what i fucking wanted.When i expressed this to them, they pretty much told me to go fuck myself and it was my problem. Since then all I have done to the computer is take it out of its shitty case, and put into a better one. I have a Gtx 760, which is extremely outdated at this point. Not point in mething the shitty CPU and motherboard. But I also have 16 gbs Of corsair vengeance ram. It runs minecraft fine. Overwatch as well. But with the components I wanted i should have been able to run much more. Such as really high shader settings in Minecraft, and Black Dessert online at at least 90 frames. Long story short, if you are going to buy a computer instead of building it, go with Cyberpower, never Alienware and iBuyPower. Both companies suck ass. :(

  • @mooshroom Ewww, Macbooks....

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @Masakazu_ hush you dirty rat. They're great, just overpriced.

  • @mooshroom Just overpriced.

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    @Masakazu_ tell me how they're bad computers please?

  • @mooshroom If you run windows on it, it has the potential to run gta5, just not at very good setting nor frames. Windows enables the computer to better optimization, and overall faster and flowey experience. The OS (MacOSX) limits the hardware, there is very little you can do on a mac compared to windows, especially when it comes to games.. You're paying for the os, there are laptops with similar components and sometimes even better build quality, for about 200 to 300 dollars cheaper. You just have to know where to look.

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    @Masakazu_ first point out the way. If you're gaming, get yourself a gaming computer. Just because a computer isn't the best for gaming, doesn't make it bad.

    I run Windows on my Mac for most gaming and have no difficulties. Yes it's not that powerful, but I seem to run Skyrim with good FPS. You can also buy additional hardware to make gaming on a MacBook run just as smooth as a gaming PC.

    For your second point. Apple knew that some software wasn't going to be available on OS X, that's why they have BootCamp to allow people to install Windows.

  • @Masakazu_

    See with Mac, as @mooshroom said, has boot camp. I have my 2013 MBP (My love), triple boot, into OSX, Linux, and Windows. Windows is a little glitchy for me, but fuck, it was better than Virtualbox which had more glitches than I could count. The issue I am currently having with mac, is how they alienating their userbase and changing the Macbook's. Luckily, my version is still widely available, but still just as expensive. The best idea I ever did was getting the AppleCare plan. Saved myself literally thousands of dollars.

  • @Faithhhh

    Yeah. I've used mac for years but had no issues with my MacBook pro. However, a good portion of those years, I was running Linux based OS, Elementary. Now I'm primarily switching everything over to ArchLinux.

  • I haven't even set up my pc set but I'm going to find a way to use multiple desktops in unison because I have like 8. My school re-did all computers and my dad is the tech guy so I got them. Surprisingly they are all pretty good and get like 40 fps on minecraft with no optimization.

  • sounds cool! I'd like to see a video of that! I'd watch it.

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    @Pyrotechnic said in Your custom PC (Or purchased PC) and Why:

    Surprisingly they are all pretty good and get like 40 fps on minecraft with no optimization.

    hmm.... :thinking;

  • Alienware laptop+razor mouse. also have an old tv as another monitor :P

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