Need Tips on PvP?

  • I would gladly help anyone to do any PvP tricks and tips with you guys, I'll act like your teacher and like that stuff. Depending on the Gamemode I can teach it. I'll leave some tips here. Keep in mind I'm not the best player in the world and just using my experiences.

    BuildUHC (Me myself being Gold III)

    • Do not try to pre-gap most times, I see this common in most people it's gonna be a waste of healing because you don't know the next persons moves, They are probably gonna bow your absorption hearts or something along those lines.

    • Use your lava and water buckets efficiently, using lava most of the time will help you because the player will must use the water bucket to make them not be on fire which enables you to give more hits off.

    • Do not only use one set of Gaps then use the next pair of gaps. What I mean by this is Don't stick with Golden heads all the time then go to regular Gaps. Use them separately like, (Head, Regular, Head, Head, Regular) something along those. Golden heads do 4 hearts while regular do 2 hearts.

    • Your rod is the most important item in the hotbar because people USE it a lot, You can rod trick which is rod and hit them quickly and do critical damage at the same time. Try not to spam it too much that you'll don't do much damage.

    • Hotbar and hotkeys those are important because you can't usually reach 7,8 or 9 you would have to move your whole hand to reach those. Personally for me I use "x" for 7, "c" for 8 and "v" for 9 (Danteh's Setup) For your hotbar you may want obviously blocks, sword, bow, rod, gapples, and buckets of water and lava. Don't put steak or any type of food type besides Gapples because it's just a waste, Here's mine, Sword (1), Bow (2), Golden Heads (3), Water Bucket (4), Blocks (5), Regular Gaps (6), Lava Bucket (7) Either another Lava Bucket or Water Bucket (8) and lastly rod (9).

    • Really another tip I can do for you is play smart and watch other people play because some people do certain things in certain situations. Continue to watch them and you'll eventually become better or even better than your favorite Minecraft Youtubers!

    Now onto Potion PvP

    • Obviously you have your Instant Health II Potions, Speed Potions and Fire Resistance Potion. These are the only potions you'll use during this type of pvp.

    • Hotbar setup, This is very similar to the BuildUHC setup but you only have EnderPearls, Swords, Food and Potions. Most people have the hotbar like Sword (1), EnderPearl (2) Potions (3-8) Lastly Food (9).

    • EnderPearls ARE SUCH AN important item for you because you can teleport with them which means that when fighting your opponent and you KNOW they are low teleport then BAM they are dead. Plus I heard that when enderpealing to your enemy you can deal damage to them WITH the enderpearl.

    • W Tapping and S tapping. These things can be difficult if not done correctly. W tapping is where you deal more knockback to your opponent which enables you to hit them more and they can hit you less because of the knockback you are doing to them, DO NOT SPAM "W" I REPEAT NOT TO SPAM. You'll need to time the W taps for them to work correctly. You hit the player, Let go of W, Then Press W again and hit the player and it's a cycle it keeps going. S Tapping is a bit different well the timing is. They both work similarly. S tapping is where you hit then move back once you hit the enemy. Like you hit then press s to go back and repeat to do that over and over again.

    • Use YOUR pots wisely. When poting depending on your health it can boost your health even more. Instant Health II does 4 hearts for one pot. I would only use 2 pots if you are in need for pots against a decent person who knows how to pvp but I would really use it for 2 Hearts lowest. I would use 1 pot if I'm 3+ hearts. Sometimes I don't even use it because I'm cocky lmao.

    • Circle Strafing is the most difficult one for me due to the amount of space for my hand and mouse to move isn't much. But Circle strafing is where you hold A or D and move around the enemy in a circle pattern and moving your mouse with the player and aiming at him. GOOD JOB IF YOU CAN DO THIS BECAUSE THIS IS LITERALLY MY WEAKNESS LOL

    Now onto to Soup PvP

    • It's the same as Pot PvP but only replaced by everything with Soups, You want to do the same thing I said before with pot, W tapping, S tapping, Circle Strafing and etc. I said before.

    Now onto 'Regular PvP' (Gladiators or anything else idk lol)

    • This is exactly like Build UHC but only with Sword, Bow and Rod. Use THE TIPS ABOVE THEY DO NOT ONLY APPLY FOR THOSE ONLY.

    Finally now onto Clicking. For me I get around 10-12 CPS which is ok for a player and a person around my age (13)

    • Jitter Clicking How can I explain this you shake your hand really fast with your arm I can't explain this well Vibrator Hand Video: iBeatUrScore

    • Butterfly Clicking it's where you have 2 fingers on the clicking side of the mouse and you repeatedly switch from one finger to the next on the mouse I'll show another video: Too lazy to name this xDD


    I hope you enjoy all of these! :D If you want I can give you PRIVATE LESSONS (: W Tapping, S Tapping, Circle Strafing CAN APPLY FOR ALL OF THESE! :DDDD Thanks for reading. I hope you deeply enjoy these tips. Remember, Practice is the key for winning.

  • how long did this take to type out
    and my gOD

  • ibeat jitterclick tutorial
    hA no

    i'm so bad that i cant even improve

  • What if I don't have a mouse...

    What if I use trackpad? HUH?

    Tru dat I'm pro trackpad

  • what if i don't use ASWD

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Download hacks! You'll become a god... you'll also get banned.

  • what if i dont use a keyboard, mouse, trackpad or pc? what if i use cheese?!?!

  • @sphari

    How does that work?
    I must try it!!

  • @sphari said in Need Tips on PvP?:

    what if i dont use a keyboard, mouse, trackpad or pc? what if i use cheese?!?!

    I feel bullied :/ No Joke. I've spent my 40 minutes of trying to help people to improve and I'm getting no appreciation.

  • @Yukyo ok, so first, u give @IceDragons11 an "L" (ILY NADRI HA"

    then u go to the store, buy homemade cheese, then boom, ez

  • thank you PVP GOD
    i deeply enjoy these tips

  • @Kath i enjoy them more

  • Dank u for these amazing tips!

  • @Goooned Thanks for actually liking it and not joking around. :D Hope you improve! :D

  • @IceDragons11 i loaf them more );

  • Or you can just get an old razer death adder from like 2012. Its so bad and will probably be broken that it makes you good. It's actually true though especially when it starts double clicking.

  • @sphari

    if it's from the store it's not really homemade, now is it?

  • @6x0 You have to be kidding me. You must be really fucking retarded. It DOESNT FUCKING MATTER WHAT MOUSE YOU HAVE.

  • @Yukyo they couldve asked for permission to sell the homemade cheese???

  • @IceDragons11 Pvp with an apple mouse. Do it. Then come back and tell me it doesn't matter.

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