How did you come up with your name?

  • So, since I joined the NameMC community, I've seen some people with some really unique and interesting names... but where did they come up with their name?

    Anyways besides that, it should be pretty easy :P.

    My name (Gargoogol)
    It started off with a kind of simple number called a Googol. Basically, a googol is 10^100 or 10 with 100 zeroes. Then, the -Gar prefix which basically means any number squared (like Gartwo or Garsixty-nine which would be 2^2 or 69^69). So after adding the Gar prefix to a Googol, you get a Gargoogol, which is a Googol^2 or 10^200.

    What does your name mean?

  • i like the name faith.
    thats its. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • all this time i thought your name was actually faith. orwaitisit?

  • hackers+mineplex

  • I don't know to be honest.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    I don't need to explain.

  • I put 4 random letters together. :)

  • @Mannors bree is lying to you, smh. dont trust a hoe

  • to cut it short: I lost a bet, and so I have the name Kaytherine now.

  • I watch Slowish, and I liked his name. I also like frogs. SO I got Frogish

  • i'm a nolife
    i added the xd_part because nolife was taken

  • I had a friend on another online game and her user reminded me of fruits. So I was thinking of changing my name but so I knew fruit/fruits would be taken so I decided to check if frui was taken and it wasn't so me being bored, decided to change it to that. o-o

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Wanted a name to start with X. Liked the sounding of "Xero". Added a couple extra letters to the end to make it sound like a cool, fantasy style name... turns out I just added the letter N to the word Xerosis. Oops?

  • I was lmfao

  • My dad originally got the account I use for my brothers and I...

    Bet you can't guess what my last name is.

  • eleanora

    my name


    my nickname

    i say yikes a lot in real life


  • The on ice squad or yuri on ice

  • The only reason why my name is Confessions is because I wanted to twin with my best friend, Censoring. If he didn't tell me to change my name I wouldn't have this name right now lol

  • i didnt come up with mine, i had someone else find random names for me and i chose this one. thats called lazy

  • On club penguin my suggested name was Squalfington278 (irl name Alfie) but I decided to get rid of the numbers because I'm a lad. Then I got mineman and shortened to Squalfred and added _11 because for some deranged reason I wanted numbers back. So Squalfred_11 was born and soon nicknames came along (basically people called me Squal because it was easier). Then some guy called me squirrel one day and someone else told me squirrel sounded like squally. Not sure why but I liked Squally but I wanted to be cool so I made it rhyme.

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