how 2 shade hair (i spent over an hour typing this oml)

  • most of you probably already know how to shade hair and this thread is kinda pointless but i'll just post it anyways so i'll just show a common way to shade hair, and it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it

    this isn't the best tutorial for people that have no brain cells and are completely new to skin making

    the way the hair will be shaded depends on what kind of look you're going for and how the hair itself is sculpted
    you may need a many a couple references before you start to know what you're going for

    all u need is a few brain cells, common skin knowledge, and the ability to read english

    Step #1

    Sculpt out the shape of your hair, get a few references because it'll be quite hard to do things straight from your head. Same goes with digital art - do you expect people to draw anime yes anime straight from their head?

    Step #2

    Plan out where the "light source" of the hair is going to be. The "light source" will usually be on the top left or right corner where the larger hair section will sweep in (or out).

    jesus christ everyones stealing my hair and reposting it claiming it to be theirs by just changing the eye color ;-;

    alt text

    Step #3


    the amount of different shades you use for one color will also affect the amount of dimension the rest of the hair will be given

    There is usually an extremely light color that represents some sort of "shine". There is usually 2 - 5 pixels of that color.
    There will be a color that is a bit darker but still quite light that will cover a majority of the hair.
    Next will be a 3rd color thats a little bit darker than the color that is darker than the shine but lighter than this color. This color will usually accent the darkest color and represent the fade from light to dark. There is about the same amount of this shade/color as the "shine" color.
    There will be 1 or 2 more shades/colors of which represent the shaded part. There are usually more shade pixels than the shine pixels, but still less shade pixels than the "color that is a bit darker but still quite light" color. These pixels will be usually located lower on the hat layer and come in to the eyes.

    tldr just shade it with a few extremely light colors and a bunch of other colors that get darker the closer to the eyes

    Step #4

    the other 5 faces of the head
    no, the character will not have 5 faces, the cube itself has 6 faces gosh 4th grade logic people

    mOre references :D

    alt text

    Section the hair into 3 little "lumps", 2 of the lumps are 1 pixel wide and the other lump is 2 pixels wide by using the darkest shade that you used on your bangs. Use the next darkest shade shade and the shade after that to kinda gradient the darkest shade out and keep the hair from looking choppy. Now that you have your hair sectioned, get a lighter color and throw that color all over. With the lightest color or shade that you used on your bangs, add little shiny things to make it look not dull.

    The very top of the head is pretty hard to explain, but just get a bunch of references and attempt to do it. If you fail, then just procrastinate and forget about the top of head because that's a total waste of time
    (i'm not very good at it the top myself tbh rip)

    The very bottom part of the head where the head and body meet (neck part idk) doesn't really have to be shaded too much

    Step #5


    shade the rest of your hair

    alt text

    alt text

    As you can see, the back bottom looks really similar to the top. The only difference is that the highlights will be placed at the very, very bottom. There tends to be more shades for the "body" part of the hair, so don't fret about having too little or too many shades to work with.

    The front bottom is also quite similar and pretty self explanatory. Just try and get the colors to go from dark to light. Theres a dark color, the accent dark, then the middle colors, and the "highlight" color at the very bottom.

    tldr just think of these parts as individual 1 pixel wide layers.

    Step #6

    Make the hair actually 3D with the second layer by bringing out the first layer where it would seem to apply.
    this is also really self explanatory

    alt text

    woohoo ur done

    (this hair sample thing was made a week ago by me oc, and I was too lazy to go and shade hair because its 1:22pm right now and i'm hungry ok it also seemed like a pretty good example so ye lol)

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  • Thanks for the tips! x3

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    Pretty good tutorial m9. I mean I didn't understand it because I have no brain cells but pretty good.

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    how i make skins:
    go through trending/top skins and find one I like
    Change the color/saturation/small details so that it's better
    Done :I

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