• Yeah so anyway you're probably here because of this click bait title.
    I have come across an odd minecraft account. Lots of people know accounts like $ and @8 and @G as they are pretty cool accounts. Lots of people even know 2 letter accounts. These accounts have 1000+ views. But those accounts may be weird but I have stumbled upon this account and I have no idea what to say. I tried to do research but to no avail if anybody has info on this account I would like to know. I am guessing nobody knows this account because of the measly 41 views on it but please share what you think. This is the link to the account: Mr.LoL

    Dank account: Mr.LoL

  • I think it might be a 'tested' mojang account, or someone who played in 2009/8 when your username could be anything.

  • I saw G on Bm earlier I believe tho

  • @Mannors Yeah but this account is more interesting ;d

  • This post is deleted!

  • Owner

    Everyone knows about this. There's several accounts with periods and even some with spaces. Even the account that's just a space exists technically. They're all disabled and have been since alpha.

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