What was your Craziest experience on the internet?

  • Mine was when I was in a Skype call with my cousin and some friends. My cousin then got a steam notification saying someone wanted to be friends with him. He accepted the request, and right when he did, the person immediately sent a long ass paragraph explaining how he would destroy his life if he didn't give him money. My cousin called his bluff and just blocked him. After 10 mins or so, my cousin said he started to lose control of his mouse. I thought he was trying to prank me, but nah. Someone on Skype with the name of s***** (had to censor it out, so no one would find him.) added him with "Add me and don't block me again." or something like that, it was a while ago, as the request message. He was telling us what he should do and he was pretty freaked out at this point. He didn't know what to do so, he just ignored it and like the idiots we were, we told him to block him. But, as soon as we said that, my cousin went silent. We called his name but didn't respond. He then broke the silence with "what the hell.". Apparently he lost control of his mouse, and it was going towards the "accept request" button. He got added and boom. Shit hit the fan. He then said the same thing he said earlier about the money and about how he could see him. My cousin has cameras in his house and room for security, so the hacker must've of gotten into them. The "Guy" (that's what I'm going to refer the hacker as) then added himself to the call. Everyone went quiet. He was talking and apparently he said he could hear us before we he even added himself. He was talking to my cousin and he was beyond scared at this point. The Guy sent ALL of my cousin's passwords, and his IP Address. I had to leave at this point, for 1. I didn't want to talk to this shithead considering he said "He made at least 40k each month by hacking others" 2. I didn't know what to do. After I left, my friend told me he got extremely pissed. He said he was going to hack me next. I too, was freaking out. My friend also told me he threatened my cousin by saying he was going to order weed and send it to his house. My cousin then pulled the plug on his PC, turned off all cameras, and left. My cousin didn't even touch his PC for 1 month. Everything was pretty much normal besides the fact that my cousins PC was encrypted with a shitload of viruses, worms, trojans and bots. Pretty much anything that would ruin your PC. I told my cousin to do a reboot and try to run the BIOS, so he could go into an older Windows version. He downloaded a reliable anti-malware software, and after countless attempts, he got rid of everything. Hope you enjoyed this edgy experience.

  • 1st of all, OH. MY. GOD. That's a long story, hell to the no.

    ok like 3 years ago in 2014, when I still had my old account, I used to be friends with this one person.. (omg faith you actually got dm's, I don't even get upvote notifications anymore omg) um like, I thought they were a girl for the longest time. I was talking to them, I said something cringy with the words 'gurrrlllll', in the sentence, and uh.. they told me they weren't a female.. erm, I didn't talk to them again.. I was an extreme feminist smh. ((IMKIDDINGHUSH)). I think i just thought because they acted girl-ish (?) they were one???? I really also wanted to make a
    "are you assuming my gender" joke in this reply oops.. im realizing how dumb I was as a smol bean >>

    thats embarrassing to say .. OOPS LOL

  • @Faithhhh LMFAOO

  • TLDR

    a potential hacker freaked me out

  • I got scammed 2.5k of csgo skins from a dumb russian jackpotting site

  • BlockMania Administrator

    wat a life story

  • @Rqa About few years ago I used to be obsessed with playing a game named LOL (League Of Legends). I was very addicted I played all the time so then one day I was just playing and this guy friend-ed me (His name was Patrick),. We used to play 24/7, we chatted a lot and then one day I called him on Skype and his voice was like deEp aSf and I was like o... I asked him how old he was and he was 38. ~~I promise I did not KnowSFHSJKDFJSDF~~ So then i just deleted him and blocked him.

  • @MattVape LOL

  • @mooshroom haha

  • @Chunk holy shit, what skins did you have?

  • @Rqa A few bayonet dopplers, fire serpent, and other top-tier skins. FeelsBadMan

  • @Chunk cries inside

  • when a staff member on pvplounge tried to rat with a fake ss tool so he could my awesome block pixel capes!

  • @Rqa Woah, that's actually terrifying. I feel sorry for you and your cousin.

  • @Rqa HOLY HELL

  • @Sonarize thanks m9 <3

  • This post is deleted!

  • Went on clubpenguin and someone told me to go on meatspin

  • @Rqa said in What was your Craziest experience on the internet?:

    Hope you enjoyed this edgy experience.


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