lol i found an abusive mod

  • so i was chest glitching on Mineplex bridges and the first ban is 4 hours. AND I GOT BANNED FOR 8 HOURS ON THE FIRST BAN. this staff member "ChrisTheKing" i hope gets demoted for technically abusing his powers. and i will be making a report on the forums of mp ;d

  • Put this on the MinePlex forums, all the mods are jerks :I


  • @Hackplex It's depending on your ban history.

  • its mineplex, what do you expect lol
    most of the staff members are under 15

    but there are also a few really nice and mature staff tbh

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @Hackplex I see you constantly talking about glitching things on Mineplex, maybe that's why you were banned for twice the time (Sarcasm)

  • @Gameplan that was for the same thing which i didnt get banned for. @IceDragons11 ive never been banned before so ;p and also the ban thing resets each month i believe. so even if i was banned before it would reset.

  • @Hackplex It doesn't restart because someone asked "If we abused this glitch how long is the ban?" The mod replied with "Depending on your Ban history". My friend was banned I believe like 5 times? or something and he got a 4 hour ban.

  • Well I mean maybe he just doesn't like your name.

  • @6x0 Hm? People have worst name than his.

  • @IceDragons11 Yeah but those people are perm banned or perm muted. He may have been receiving and extra punishment for the fact that the staff member didn't like the name.

  • @6x0 i will literally be fighting to get him demoted. if he doesnt like my name then he can go fuck himself >:3

  • Is your signature from SSBB (Super Smash Brows Brawl)?
    If so I know that glitch, it's freakishly funny! XD

  • @epicajay idk i just searched gif on google and liked this one

  • @Hackplex Lol that chest glitch was much funs, is it fixed yet?

  • @EveryoneHatesHim i actually want to die now. this post is literally about me being banned? how the hell would i know?

  • @everyonehateshim well now that im unbanned the glitch has sadly been patched

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