Are you friends with any Internet Famous people?

  • I'm guessing the majority of these answers are going to be no... but it's worth a shot >.>

    I don't know if this counts but on Mineplex, Zachary/RareTnt is in my clan, so I guess that makes us friends. Right? I mean, we talk to each other about random stuff...

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    What do you define as famous?

  • idk but I used to be friends with this guy until he left minecraft to be a designer
    in february 2016, i got to talk to him after 8 months or so through skype
    4 days later, he removed me from his contacts list and never talks to me anymore.. :(
    pretty sure he's pretending that i don't exist rip ;-;-;-;
    (intromaker / artist / 15 year old trying to be a rapper / idk)

    i also used to talk to temptingmc once in a while, but thats probably not considered friends gg
    he was a known op prison / factions / kitpvp / skyblock / spaceprison owner and was also featured on deadlox's channel quite often in 2013-15

    deadlox's video:
    ahh back then with the colorful chat and really long names :'^)

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    @nolifexd that's pretty cool

  • ..I'm friends with Bob Ross. oratleastithinkiamT^TBOBISDEAD;;;;

  • @Gameplan Anybody that has quite a good reputation on any Social Medias. (I know this is kind of a vague explanation but I'm finding it hard to explain for some reason. ;-;)

  • @DaRamen so am I famous since this is considered a social media on the namemc page? :^)

  • umm im friends with of the kids on the channel SJ Gaming Boys. Julian is his name, hes the read head :P. we went to a shit mc camp together :P link to YT: (5,692 subs)

  • @nolifexd Maybe :>

  • @nolifexd Aww, sad that you lost contact. That's really cool though ^-^

  • @Hackplex That's really cool :D

  • wh00ps

    i'm a loner

  • BlockMania Administrator

    keemstar is my dad, he famous, but he isn't my friend ;)

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