Who is your fav Band/Singer?

  • I have 3 bc im a fat piece of shit emo. Melanie <3, TØP and P!ATD

    just say your fav things k?

  • i dont like singers, I feel like too much auto-tune is used nowadays.
    When you hear their real voice, (NOT EVERYONE, DONT COME TO ME TRIGGERED) sounds.. really different.


  • me too lmao

    i also love lil uzi vert, twenty one savage, the weeknd, eden & blackbear ya get it

  • ik they do BUTTTT Brendon (P!ATD) still sounds very good without auto-tune. he uses very little, in some songs. but yeah. btw im seeing Brendon in concert on feb 25th :D

  • @Hackplex I'm obsessed with the exact same band/person. I'm also obsessed with Eden & blackbear & 11:11 though cause they're great B)

  • why do i feel like an administator is going to lock this thread because theres to many people that have asked the same question. pls have mercy admin's :3

  • 6 posts 5 views omfg this namemc is turning into yt

  • Melanie Martinez, Pentatonix, Ariana Grande.
    (Quentin Mashups but they just do mashups xDD)

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