Want to join a Team?

  • Holah and I are forming a Soup OR Pot PvP Team!
    If you would like to join, keep in mind we are looking for builders and pvpers. (NOTICE) (Everything will be decided and arranged once we're done recruiting) Just simply reply with your IGN, why you want to join, and what position (Builder, PvPer, ect.) Good luck.

  • @Rqa said in Want to join a Team?:

    Holah and I are forming a Soup OR Pot Team!--

    oops i thought of cocaine again ><

  • @Faithhhh LMFAO

  • Are you trying to make a server..?

    if you are, i'd be glad to share my trashy building tips

    alt text

    this took around 10 minutes to make, not too shabby :^)

    idk what "team" means lol

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