What is your favorite class of the day?

  • Personally... I like Science. Not for the subject of course but because i'm sitting at a table of 4 with my best friends. Plus my teacher is the bomb 👌🏻

  • I really like English class. I can bullcrap through it because most of it is stuff I already know lmao

  • @Faithhhh same for me pretty much except my teacher is jacka**. He has such crazy 1 day deadlines for a flipping essay.

  • @Veraia omg saME

  • lunch

  • I would like recess if I still had it ;_:

    I like my writing class <3

  • science as well, because my teacher is a smol old man who wears bright pink and purple dress shirts and struts around like hes the queen :")

    he is the queen ;3

  • English, I have her 7th period, so by then she doesn't care what she teaches us. She mostly talks to us about IRL things that actually mean something.

  • I'm kind of bored so here's my day:

    Spanish - Hard to enjoy when it's the first class of the day (I'm tired and sloppy) and I don't understand too much anyway.
    Science - I might like a girl in that class, otherwise the teacher is mediocre and the rest of my classmates are annoying af.
    Life Skills - This class hasn't started yet, starts semester 2 which is after this weekend.
    English - I bullshit my way through this class and still get an A, imo literature is confusing bruh
    P.E. - Waste of my time when other students don't take the class seriously, I'm going to be switching to a cross country specific P.E. soon to actually get some workout.
    ★ Math - Best part of the day. The class is hard and I barely hang on, but the teacher has a good sense of humor. Best class structure and everything. I absolutely love it!

  • Oo I think my favorite class is theatre because it's like the easiest A ever LMfAO

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Home time. I've finished school, but that was the best class.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    I liked my math class cause all I did was listen to music and play video games.

  • AP world history.

    Just 'cause it's challenging.

  • science, and child development class because all we do is talk.

  • I like all of my classes but the thing is that sometimes the teachers can make it unfun. My English teacher is literally so bipolar and so hes always screaming out of the blue. But that class is fun especially because I know everything and everyone. But to get to the point, my favorite class is probably gym & science. Can't choose between the two.

  • HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM well idk since i hate all my class's bc all my teachers are satan's ex's. id have to say lunch bc i get to eat.

  • Math, we barely get anything done, barely learn anything, most of the people in our class are disruptive and annoy the living hell out of the teacher, 4 kids have been expelled because of the class and all of them have been in OUR class period, and its so funny. Most amount of times I have cried from laughter in Math is around 3/4

  • Literature <3 xDD
    aka English

  • Biology/Science ♥

  • I guess I like all mine equally the same. As I'm studying A levels at the moment, I picked the subjects which interest me the most! XD

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