Would You Rather...

  • ~You can add in your own would you rather if you'd like~
    Loose your arms or legs? Why?
    I would loose my legs because mobility is available in other ways and I'd much rather just eat and I need my arms and hands for that B)

  • Banned

    Legs because arms are more important. (This message wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have arms)

  • I would rather lose legs than arms because wheelchairs exist in our world and we can use that to get from 1 location to another. Arms are important because we USE THEM EVERYDAY

  • i need my arms to play minecraft, fuck legs, ill drag myself to my fridge

  • goodbye legs...
    you were good to me.

  • i dont even use my legs much anyways because all i do is sit on the floor on my laptop :")

    All the reasons above. <3

  • Well I'd rather lose my arms because walking is so incredibly useful; being stuck in a wheelchair I'd have to find an accessible place to live, work and completely change my everyday routine.

    Mainly though, I think prosthetic arms would be awesome. You could have replacement hands designed to do anything.

  • arms are more important tbh.

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