What's the purpose of us being here?

  • What is really the main purpose of us living in the world? I mean really there is war and fighting continuously. Over and over. People are just gonna die in the end due to anything, "Murder", "Dying of age", "Diseases" What's the actual point. Think of it this way. Do you ever get the feeling sometimes and ask the question. "Why am I here?" "Why do I need to exist?" "What's the purpose of me being here?" I've asked these questions so much to myself. I don't know the answer really. Eventually I'll find out and it will be good. A good answer.

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    just for the lols

  • @Chunk I do not believe in Jesus. But okay. I'm just explaining why we "exist" in this world.

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    We were probably created to eat garlic bread


  • @IceDragons11 I don't believe in Jesus either as "god" either, it was just my terrible sense of humor that got in the way.

    Anyway it's hard to explain why we exist (the purpose of life) without truly knowing how the universe was created. There must be a creator, and I believe in that creator, and how it made us. Scientifically speaking we're just living organisms and there is no purpose, but I think people just believe in what their family makes them believe or what's satisfying.

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    @IceDragons11 WHY NOT BOTH 0_1484186248580_Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 5.57.16 PM.png

  • well damn, that is a good question.

    the only outcome ive thought of is cats??

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  • No need to question that, we're here. Live life you only get one shot.

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  • Cuz Why not xD

  • Hella deep, but true,

  • i came to exist because..
    i popped out of the womb

    and now i'm stuck here until i die.

    This question seems to be awfully opinionated.

    Everyone will have their own beliefs and ideas about life. There is no answer about what life is. Life is what we make it to be.
    I've heard people spew about we are slaves to the government. That's their opinion. Others may dream to have children to carry on their family for generations. Again, it's their opinion. Then, there are those who believe God is the answer. It's their opinion and belief about what they deem life to be.

    In the end, we will question whether or not life is a curse or a gift.

    For me, I want to achieve happiness. Sounds lame, I know. But I would rather die knowing that my life was satisfied.

    Since I feel this question is full of opinions, you can expect people to disagree what the true purpose of life is. A single purpose does not pertain to everyone in the world. We are all different in a way.

  • @Kaytherine you're absolutely right, very well written.

  • i cant take this thread seriously lmao

  • I ask that a lot, but more of why I'm here.

  • I'm here to watch anime, eat, draw anime, play minecraft, watch my friends draw anime, and waste my life on these amazing forums.
    Dunno about you folks...

  • @EveryoneHatesHim We are best friends now :>

  • @IISakuraII <3

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