Do you actually enjoy playing minecraft?

    Now, let me just respond to you by saying "SHUT YOUR MOUTH"

    I know the majority of us probably do enjoy Minecraft a lot, but seeing some of the people on servers, forums e.c.t saying that they're quitting mc/taking a break. and that they might come back one day. Now.. to me, that sounds they were only playing because they had a boring life and only just now realised they had something better to do with it.

    So do YOU actually enjoy playing Minecraft? I know I do ^-^!

    P.S I was going to add a picture of people who love MC vs people who hate MC but I couldn't find anything no matter what I typed -.-

  • Si I live Minecraft

  • I certainly do get bored of it from time to time, but I generally wish I had the chance to play more than I do.

  • i love minecraft, but not as much as i used to.

  • ehh, I play it a lot less bc of school and when I do get on, a lot of servers are filled with toxic ass 8 year olds. The game itself is pretty enjoyable I guess

  • I like this game, and enjoy playing it, but i gotta be honest, and this happens to everyone. Some days you just end up hating this game with a passion and you dont wanna play all day. Whether it be cheaters, stupid random bullshit that usually happens, losing hours worth of work, and more. And some days well, it just gets boring.

    I got more games on steam recently,

    I used to play Xbox before i started Minecraft, i played games like Battlefield, Halo, Borderlands, Skyrim, and many more and put countless hours into them.

    I recently just got borderlands 2 for myself, @AmericanEGirl & @AustralianEGirl and revisiting this game, and playing it with friends like the good ol Xbox days is a whole lot of fun. The game is extremely fun too, thats another plus, and currently, im just enjoying this game way more over Minecraft.

  • I'm comfortable with how I am playing mc, but my experience could be better, which is why I'm trying to find new things to do like play more different servers and finding more variety, instead of just having a cool lego name and playing potpvp duels until I realize "hey this is repetitive and idk what else to do so imma sell all my stuff on some site then use that money so I can pay for a more reasonable materialistic item, besides a 1 game use account with an uncommon cape and a numberless/underscoreless/commonly known name with the potential risk of getting scammed and being broke."

    I also have a few goals i'd like to accomplish for myself before/if I do get completely bored of it, which keeps me playing longer I guess.

  • If it comes to minigames and such: No.
    If it comes to playing on a Survival server or just playing with friends: Yes, yes, yes.

    I just hardly dislike and avoid the community behind the minigames servers, as it's mostly just little children wasting their parents money for ranks. Besides Minecraft I'm mostly playing osu! currently, but that's it. I'm literally stuck with those two games for now as nothing else interests me. ^u~

  • It's fun, but I've been getting easily bored of it. I just come on everyday bc of the community and the friends I have here

  • @CanadianEGirl So true, I've been getting into a lot of other games recently, especially since I've been to Akihabara recently (If you don't know what Akihabara is, it's basically a massive city with games, anime, manga, and other things :>) and bought 18 video games while there.

  • @Kneesxcks That's exactly how I feel only I'm really addicted to Death Tag on the Mineplex server xP

  • BlockMania Administrator

    If it wasn't for NameMC and BlockMania, I would have quit.

  • Currently, I do feel like enjoying it but the downfall is that I'm always solo, I've literally got no one to play with... It's more enjoyable if friends tagged along. This game is "dying" because of cheaters, the community, and those "gang" members. It's gets boring to me eventually. I took a break that was 2-3 days of not playing Minecraft. I felt so bored without it. I didn't have anything to play but my computer. My computer is the one who babysits me. Example Danteh gave up all his hard Minecraft work for Overwatch which he thinks is more competitive. As said in one of his videos "Huahwi vs Danteh" Danteh mentioned that Minecraft only doesn't take skill. He claimed that you just need to play smart in order to win. Which he is correct on that and I completely agree with him. Basically what I'm saying is that playing solo is gonna be boring for you a lot because you can 2v1 or the above. If with friends you can have a fun time and enjoy the game more.

  • No I do not enjoy playing minecraft. What I do love is being involved in the communities, such as namemc or the server I'm administrating.

    Even with friends this game is just not fun anymore. I've had it for 4+ years now, but I don't even know if I like other games either.

    It's just a time of transition for everyone. We'll find what we really love to do very soon :)

  • nope, overwatch is better

  • not really tbh
    i only play to talk to people heh

    club penguin is much better :")

  • Well the actual game Minecraft I'm talking survival mode, single player, creative mode. I do enjoy. But I mostly go on MC to meet new people. And to socialise with strangers that could be dangerous. <3 But to be serious. I go on MC to meet new people. Even though I can do that outside too.

  • Simple. If I had a better PC I would be 1000 miles away from Minecraft...
    I don't have a good computer so I'm stuck with Minecraft for quite a while... ):
    Never less to say some servers (depends which one you play) has quite a nice mature community and on the other side, some servers have a toxic community.

  • It's the only game I've ever played, so yeah

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