• Here's a question:
    If you had the choice to be successful in life and have everything you want, money, fame, success, but die at 18, or would you rather live a normal life making an average amount of money (not a lot, but not a little), and die at 80?
    I'd rather live a normal life and die at 80, there isn't anything to be hyped up about for fame. I'd rather enjoy every year of my life rather than blow it on fame. I want to experience life to the fullest, I don't want to end it so soon.

  • @AnimeAndManga That's a good question because if you were rich, You could give your money to the homeless Greedy People, I would be just rich and die at 18 and give my money to the homeless tbh...

  • I agree with you @AnimeAndManga

    To me, buying your way to fame is not happiness. I would rather live an average life. I would rather earn the things I want overtime than in a snap. It feels better to me that way. More of an accomplished feeling I guess.

  • I agree with you.
    People think they can't achieve anything else after they've had some sort of fame/fortune.
    it's honestly disgusting and you should get off my stage.

  • I would be a normal person and die at 80 because I want to see what lies in the future too

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Ya'll fucking broken if you'd die at 18 just to be rich.

  • @Mooshroom SO TRUUE!

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