Ay I'm Xoko and I make really long introductions.

  • I'll be sure to make this way too long to actually read on purpose so no one will ever read it.

    I've known Minecraft ever since Alpha and I watched a few videos on it but eventually I lost interest. Until around 2012/2013 or whenever Minecraft first came out on the Xbox, I started playing it for a bit, after a few more updates had come along for it I started hosting manual SG games with the few friends I had. Eventually my gold trial ran out and so I just continued making maps and doing chest loot manually on my own. Then I got a laptop on my 13th birthday and I sorta lost interest of Xbox in general. I also used to play Black ops Zombies a lot on Xbox, highest round was 52 on Buried but again, I had lost interest.

    If you wanna find me I'll probably be on Cubecraft playing FFA or SG and sometimes even Blockwars. MC-Origins KitPvP trying to get strafe kit, sometimes even in Parkour. Brawl just doing Soup FFA. And Jectile reliving some Zombies nostalgia after 2 Zombies servers I've known very well for quite some time, shut down. I also used to play Hypixel Skywars but I quit that.

    I used to watch a lot of hunger games survival games from all sorts of nerds. Then I started watching factions stuff on Cosmic, then UHC stuff, then Eggwars. Now I just watch Technoblade for Skywars, cscoop for whatever he uploads idc, all sorts of nerds for HCF or PotPvP, mostly the god in the flesh, lolitsalex, and I'd really like to get into building.

    In somewhat short, I'm a pretty chill mineman, I was almost leaderboards on Cube FFA, I've seen Jeff, Cup, Boo, Intuitive, Insulate, Sweetest, Dayum, Reap, and a few other og's in-game on other servers besides Blockmania. I would really like to make a few mini-game maps for Realms at some point. Sleep is my best nonexistent friend and Education is just horrible. My skill is as low as Hillary's chances of getting into office, ever. And my ign is pronounced Zoko not Exoko. So that's me, also if you actually read all of this than goodjob, you must get good language grades.

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