I want to be a staff member!

  • Hi, my name in real life is Rodrigo, i'm an italian guy but i'm now writing in english beacuse i think that is a language more important for get success in the life. I'm 13 and my birthday is the 18 july. I live in italy and i am always at the pc. I obviously nerd minecraft and one thing that i hate with all my heart is when you go in a queue for any game and when the match/1v1 start you meet an hacker. So there is only a method for not meet anymore hackers. Become a staff member. I can so ban all unlegit players. Totally destroy them.
    I can speak english very good and italian too but this a lot more good than english. So i can speak with hackers for any issues with the ban that i can give. I am an admin in another server too so, i know how to ban and how to get clean vanic.us!
    I hope you guys that realize who i am and what i can do. Choose well beacuse you don't find a guy like this :D
    Thanks for read this application and see you next time :D

    Your new possible staff member :D


  • BlockMania Administrator

    Use the actual application forms on Blockmania. Get to know the staff, hang out in our teamspeak/discord. That'll give you a slightly decent chance.

  • tbh you shouldn't be making a whole thread, message the person/people you're supposed to.


  • being irrelevant is better

  • Hope you get to be staff!

  • @Bacon4Dayzz oh my

    i love when people necro post!!1!

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