How easy it is for fake stories to become breaking news

  • All what you see now a days in the media is death, and I don't blame them they need to make money cause if they just show flowers and rainbows no one is going to watch; but this an interesting blog post I saw the other day.

    This is why you shouldn't believe everything you see in the media. Plus, media companies are really good at making small stories really big news. For example, I live in a desert and it rarely rains here; the one day it rained in, a foreign media channel reported it and said something like "3 people died and <I don't know how many> injured". Even though it was just normal rain and it wasn't even near chaos or a disaster.

    Edit: Won't go deep into this, but some countries report more on there enemies' bad side. Like how the U.S. keeps on reporting on North Korea

  • tbh I don't trust the news at all lmao

  • @Faithhhh Me neither

  • I doubt everyone believes the media as much as they used to. Normally people that liked Hillary Clinton mostly watched networks like Cnn, Msnbc, and ABC because they favored her and were attacking Mr.Trump. When it comes to Newspaper companies like the New York Times even admitted they were just attacking trump because they didn't like him. News is now biased and no one can probably name one anchor who is not biased anymore.

  • The news is just biased claims, and all lies.

  • If the news is so fake, why is most of what it sais real? Answer that. For example, Carrie Fisher died, do you not believe it because the "media" said it? Is she hiding in a hole in Antarctica? No, she's dead. The media does cover stories wrongly and occasionally creates their own, but if they're such liars, why is most of what they say true?

    No hate towards any1 in this thread, I just want to voice my opinion. Please don't just immediately downvote this post because you disagree.

  • @Amphibia All i'm saying is that unless it's local, people should take the news as a grain of salt.

    Edit: You can't really create local news.

  • in new zealand, we dont really have that much interesting / important stories so in the news, we get stories like this: " A New Zealand woman had a whale of a time Tuesday after she ran into a strange creature on a local beach" :^)

  • @Chipottel

    When I wish I still lived overseas

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Never trust the media.

  • @Chipottel
    brb going to New Zealand

  • @Mooshroom Especially during elections.

  • @Kaytherine lmao, you should ;)

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