Welcome! | NameMC Community News #1 - 11/6/2016

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    Welcome to NameMC's Beta test of our new forum community site!

    I'll be working on this site pretty much all day every day for the next week or so until it's all shiny and awesome.
    I've got lots of cool new features to set up and enable.

    Basically, the forum is going to be broken into four main categories:

    • Forum Information
    • NameMC
    • General Minecraft Discussion
    • BlockMania (NameMC's official server network)

    One of the main things I'll be working on is making the rules and guidelines for the community more obvious and easier to find as well as writing the guidelines themselves as we go.

    As I continue to work on the forums you will see lots of test posts, redundant news posts, and broken features as I experiment with the design and functions of this forum platform so please bare with me while I get everything working and feel free to PM me with any feedback or opinions you have about how it's set up.

    Once it's all set up, this community will be permanently linked on the front page of NameMC and will (hopefully) receive a huge influx of new users so we'll need new forum staff for the four categories I mentioned above, and we'll have applications for those in the near-future.

    Cross your fingers! I'd love to see this grow into the next big Minecraft community website.

    Got any questions about the forum, NameMC, or any of our projects in general? Feel free to PM me on here or reply to this post until I have a proper support forum set up.

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