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    These rules apply to all of our servers and many of them are the same as our forum rules.
    Breaking these rules may result in you being punished in any number of ways including: being warned, muted, kicked from the game, temporarily banned, permanently banned, and/or IP banned.

    Think someone on the server is breaking the rules? Use the /report command in-game.

    Many times it may seem like there are no staff online but they are often watching hackers while invisible. If you use /report, all hidden staff will see it, and they'll even get a notification when they sign in if there are none online.
    After the report is finished, you will get a notification telling you whether or not the player was banned. In-game reports are the BEST way to report hackers.

    Banned? Think it was unfair? Submit a ban appeal.

    If you were banned and you believe you were not violating any of our rules, you can submit a ban appeal and we will check it as soon as possible. If your appeal is accepted, you will be unbanned. If it is not accepted, you will not be notified.
    Ban appeals or complaints posted in the wrong section will be ignored and may hurt your chances of being unbanned.

    Server Rules:

    1. Personal Information.

    Posting personal information about another user is strictly prohibited and tightly moderated.

    If you’re worried that someone else is posting your personal information on the forums and the content is not being moderated, contact a staff member. [Staff list link]

    2. Threats.

    No threats against the server, forums, our staff, or our players.

    Any threats (even vague ones or "jokes") are taken very seriously. This includes but is not limited to: DDOS threats/conversation, “Dox” threats, death threats, etc. (EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'RE JOKING.)

    3. Suicide references and jokes.

    No threats or jokes related to suicide.

    4. Inappropriate usernames.

    The NameMC Community Forums use a special type of registration system that requires you to use a real Minecraft IGN that you own as your username.
    As such, some names may be deemed inappropriate for the forums and the server. If your name contains any words or language that’s banned or restricted by any of the other rules listed here, then your name is considered inappropriate for the forums and we will ask you to use a different name. (E.G., names that refer to suicide, etc.)

    5. Account buying/selling/trading.

    We understand that trading of Minecraft accounts has become a considerable part of certain Minecraft communities, however, it is against Mojang’s Terms of Service and we cannot condone it.
    Anyone spamming about account sales or linking to account selling websites in public chat may be muted, kicked, or banned if they ignore staff warnings.

    6. Cheating / Hacking.

    The use of any unapproved client mods, glitches, exploits, or any other techniques that give you an unfair advantage over other players will be punished based on the seriousness of the offence and the punishment will often be up to the judgement of the staff member issuing it.

    7. Bypassing the chat filter.

    BlockMania has a built-in chat filter that filters out a lot of words related to excessive profanity, inappropriate links, racial slurs, and threats. However, it's not perfect. If you try to intentionally misspell things or otherwise reword phrases to get around the chat filter, you may be punished. If something is filtered, read the reason for it and take that as a warning to not say it. All online staff can see your filtered messages and will know if you're trying to get around it.

    • 7.1, Staff disrespect / profanity / trash talk.

    Profanity, trash talk, rudeness and staff disrespect are all ALLOWED as long as you follow the above chat rules. We don't ban for stupid things like arguing with staff as long as you keep it in the game and keep it civil.

    8, Ban evasion.

    If you are banned from the server then it was for a reason.

    If you think your ban was in error or you would like more information about your ban, follow the instructions on this page and in the help sections of our website and forums to submit a ban appeal.

    If you hop on another account and log into the server to ask why you were banned or argue about it, your other account will be banned too and you will be ignored.

    You will find that our staff team can be very reasonable and understanding, however, we own this server and as such, we reserve the right to punish a player that we think is making the game less fun for other players.

    Just because a rule isn't specifically listed here does not mean we are not allowed to punish for it. But we will do our very best to keep the rules up-to-date and fair.

    Approved mods:

    • Optifine
    • Labymod

    [More coming soon.]

    I will add more mods to this list as I go, any mods not on this list will be considered "hacks." - Just because a mod is commonly allowed on other servers does not mean it is necessarily allowed here, we have our own set of rules for our own reasons and it's our decision. If there is a mod that you think should be allowed on the servers that is not listed here you may PM me or email [email protected] and I will look into it and consider adding it.

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