Degrees of Separation

  • Well, I stumbled across some people all with 6 degrees of separation from me. Has anyone else found any 7s or 8s?

    0_1482896350806_6 Degrees of Separation.png

  • I think you're one of the first

  • I think the max is 6

  • what even are degrees of separation?

  • @DoorFrame We have yet to find out >.>

  • @DoorFrame they are just the number of mutual friends it takes to get to that person. For example, say I'm friends with you and you're friends with the OP, 5Hz, then I would be 2 degrees of separation away from 5Hz, through you.

    I only ever found 4 :(

  • I'm confused on how it works lmao

  • @FaithIsntHere
    I've always thought of "Degrees of Separation" as connections to someone else.

  • @FaithIsntHere said in Degrees of Separation:

    I'm confused on how it works lmao

    In this case, ab and I are mutual friends so there's one link. ab and ihym are mutual friends so there's a second link (etc.) . Degrees of seperation tells you the lowest number of these links needed to get from your account to another, which is also why it's uncommon for these chains to get as long as this.

  • @5Hz oh, thanks for the info lol.

  • Yeah the most I have seen is like 3 because I'm friends with a lot of 2 letter accounts and everybody friends those.

  • I believe there's a famous saying that you're connected to everyone else by just 5 people. So if 6 is the highest found I guess that's some proof, obviously there will be a few exceptions but the generally this will be the max.

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