Why do we have a "Rep System"?

  • How come do we have a "Rep System"... I mean. In @Mooshroom one thread he made a post about exposing someone and it was @6x0. Apparently he used alts accounts to Upvote his own post and devote others. I mean really??? Why does this system even exist... I personally think it should be removed because of all of this and people complaining by saying "Oh I lost my Rep" or "STOP DEVOTING ME" and etc. @6x0 Man o Man. You are pretty fucking funny, Thinking you wouldn't get caught. Give me as much devoting as you want. More you do. The more courage it will build towards me. Peeps such as @Clqire were getting devoted post so yah rip ;(. I think it's removed is what I'm trying to say here.

  • The rep system is probably to help others identify who is trustable and who is not
    But oh well, people will find a way around to abuse their rep to get #1

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 Possibly. But I still think it needs to be removed after all the devoting and upvoting drama that has been happening recently/lately.

  • And people we're asking, "can you upvote me?" or, "upvote me and I'll upvote you!" Just-
    Just why?

  • @ItsOkToBeAwkward attention hungry egirls obviously

  • @ItsOkToBeAwkward Yes True. People just shit post asking for that. I did that on accident by once because I was still new to the forums at that time.

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 Ha, true.

  • Solution:
    Instead of a number, have rep "levels"

    That way people who are new can't spam and people can't rep farm with shitposts.

  • @ivohora AGREED!!!

  • @ivohora

    I like this better tbh.

  • I saw @mooshroom upvote my thing but then unliked it lol gg


  • BlockMania Administrator

    @IceDragons11 I upvoted due to me liking your thread, but I also like the reputation system. It just sucks that people are so hungry to be number one and fuck it up for the rest.

  • @Mooshroom Yeah, you're right.

  • @Mooshroom ty ty. But could you explain a bit deeper why you like it? If you have the time to type it.

  • i think it's good because you can see who to downvote just to be a bridge troll.
    no no, that's so wrong lol. I think it's 7th grade again, it's a huge popularity contest.
    I think they just want to show who people love and like to see their posts.
    i mean yeah, im super jealous of everyone on the first page T^T, but that doesn't matter.
    And @6x0, you've caused some drama. Calm yourself my dude. I used to follow them, but ehhh i'm not up in that biz.

    And yeah.. The list does cause some drama.. Wait.. no.. please.. god..

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69

    Are u forgetting the attention seeking Eboys???

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 said in Why do we have a "Rep System"?:

    @ItsOkToBeAwkward attention hungry egirls obviously

    akA ME

  • @FaithIsntHere wow okay why not Scarce SMH. SCARCE IS FAT!!

  • @IceDragons11 WHy NoT geT RoUite INto The NooSE???

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