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  • Hello dear friends.

    For those who have seen my Evolve post I would like to say this: My friends and I have decided that the project was too heavy and too complex without some plugins that I could-not receive, because of this we decided to start Walk. Walk something which is most likely unique and different then what Minecraft has seen in a server.

    I can't wait to role this one out to not just Minehut but to the NameMC community as well.

    If you have Evolve on your server list Please change it to Walk.minehut.me

    Oh yeah I also offer rewards for voters so if you want your prize early then go here to get it: https://goo.gl/M5ttl7


    Oh right here's a teaser image to get the hype going!!!


  • Sounds and looks interesting! I'll be sure to check it out (:

  • i always ditch new servers tbh, the only new server i stuck to when i tried it was wynncraft lmaooo.

  • @Kath @FaithIsntHere glad you are interested, means alot ! :)

  • UPDATE #1

    Here's what the team and I have completed and or face ahead of us

    Spawn ✔️

    Tutorial ✔️

    Gameplay ✔️/❌

    Five Levels ❌

    FYI: ✔️/❌= Semi-Complete

  • @1SecMan said in Walk --> walk.minehut.me:

    @Kath @FaithIsntHere glad you are interested, means alot ! :)

    tho @FaithIsntHere 'v'

  • @1SecMan i didnt say i was going to try it LMAO

  • @FaithIsntHere

    lol I know <3


  • im really confused, what kinda game modes will be on it ? or do you just walk around because thats all i do on my other servers as well :")

  • @Chipottel lol thanks for the comment. I wont answer this comment (yet) because I don't want to spoil anything :>. I will mention this however, it is similar to a parkour server.


  • @1SecMan ahh ok, well i suck at parkour too !! ;-;

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