• I'm feeling really really depressed and down. Ever since my friend got dumped to a girl he loved for 2 years straight. It made me feel down because I can relate to that story. Once in 6th Grade I really liked this girl (Let's call her Hannah). Hannah here I've known since Kindergarten. I've known her mom too, She was one of my teachers. In 5th grade I had a bet with her and said "Who ever finishes the crossword puzzle first has to say who they like." I lost and told her. Eventually I got to hand out with her more often and we became awesome friends. In 6th Grade I decided why not just confess. I got this as a response "I can't date right now later and I just wanna be friends." I went "Sure I guess..." Couple days later. I find out she is dating someone. That right there put me into the depression today. I thought I forgotten about her and everything. She is still part a memory of mine that can't leave. Since my friend told me that story. I don't feel the same and just sadden and depressed in general... I think she should of just told me instead of lying. Today in 7th Grade. She is really happy and stuff. I'm glad it happened for her. It makes me more happy that she can have a better life. I just wanna show I feel to people on the internet and see if they can relate. Thanks for taking your time and reading this. I don't want attention or support. I just wanna show I feel.

  • At least you got a girl. I've had to move to five different countries and never got to actually like a girl. Props too you for finding the courage to ask :)

  • @Amphibia What do you mean? I got rejected and I asked her out.

  • This post is deleted!

  • WHAT :O
    I feels bad :O

  • @SquishyDog77 It's really sad isn't it? She lied to me straight up and didn't care about the trust I built up with her.

  • I cri for you :'(

  • )): . If she didn't like you then that's her loss. Don't be sad over people that don't care about you or put your feelings into consideration, I know it's hard but just try not to...just focus on yourself right now and do what makes you happy, or at least try your best to. I already told you the rest on Discord. Feel better Nadri !

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    Cute xd

  • Man, People don't care for each other rip.

  • Sry i was just testing something for a sec for my new signature
    I still feels bad :'(

  • @SquishyDog77 Oh, Didn't notice lol, It's cute tho :D

  • this is why love is an obstacle in our ugly and horrific lives

  • @FaithIsntHere Thanks for expressing your opinion. It's just sad this happened. Eventually people go through it.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    12 year old kids drama, gotta love it!

  • Trust me, there will be more people to meet later in life. Not necessarily people who will make you fall head over knees for, but people who will be there to make you smile.

  • @Kaytherine Agreed, You're still young and you still have a lot of ahead of you. You aren't going to find your true love at this age, and there's defiantly gonna be more girls that are going to make you happy. Promise, one day you'll find her, maybe just not now. Hold on buddy ;p @IceDragons11

  • @FaithIsntHere
    love is just as guilty as hate
    just both two strong and powerful feelings that demands to be felt

    (; i'm so cringy ik

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