Worse thing to happen in Christmas? ;-;

  • So... me and my good friend DaRevy we're going out to eat on Christmas Day (Today is probably the 25th for you guys, but we live in Japan is Christmas was on the 24th for you guys, yet again I don't see why i'm writing this but oh well... back to the story T^T), everything was going fine until Revy received a phone call from her Helper, so as Revy went to the rest room to take the INCREDIBLY LONG PHONE CALL (I think she went to cry in the cubical, idk). She came back to say "Grandpa fainted, Insert name called for an ambulance, they're on their way." By the time she said "fainted" all our parents were out the door sprinting to the hospital. WE WERE HUNGRY AF so we just stayed there eating. Yes, we were worried but not too worried, like anything bad could happen. (GOOD JOB ME FOR JINXING IT ;-;)

    So today when I woke up I got the horrifying news from Revy. "Hey.. grandpa died in the ambulance.. there was nothing they could do... it was too late"

    After that I just cried in the corner. Revy's grandpa was an amazing man. I'm just sad that it had to be on Christmas Day ;-;

    Anything like this happened to you or your friend? Let me know ^-^ <3!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    No food.

  • @Mooshroom I'm used to that sort of stuff, every year we get burnt Turkey T_T

  • George Michael, a pop star from the 80's, died today, and I was sad because he was my idol. What made me even more sad was that a good friend of mine was really obsessed with George Michael, and it broke my friend's heart when he heard that George Michael died. He actually cried in a pillow and I felt really bad for him. I also ate burnt chicken today.

  • A pipe bursted .-.

  • sorry to hear the loss of Revy's grandpa, i hope you and all your family are doing ok <3

  • Allergic to almost every piece of food when i was a kid

  • My dog fell into the toilette. She's okay though, just smelly. :poop:

  • I accidentally deleted Minecraft...

  • @iChill WOAH SAME

  • not actually celebrating christmas

  • the fact it's still 2016

  • @Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr DAMN SO TRUE

  • @Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yesyesyesyes omg

  • Breakup. Breakup last weekend.

  • @chemicalcompound ooo yikers.

  • @ItsOkToBeAwkward Ah yes, my mum told me about him. I actually enjoyed him a lot when I was a child. It's very sad to see one of my childhood idols perish. (By child I mean like 9+ just incase you were wondering xD)

  • @cuddle I praise you if you got that on tape.

  • @Chipottel Thanks for your support <3
    They're doing just fine, they're just a bit shaken up though T^T

  • @DaRamen Very sad. Especially since he was 53, which may seem pretty old, but it's really not. My friend was so mad and sad, he made me cry. But most importantly, burnt chicken is not good.

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