presents !

  • if you celebrate christmas, what did you get ? i got a bluetooth speaker, spotify premium for six months, a hat and mittens, timberlands, black nike roshes, a nike headband, an itunes gift card, two starbucks gift cards, a NASA sweater, a sweater from my school's clothing store, a bible, and a trip to disney world next year !! i'm so excited πŸ˜›
    note: some of these gifts are from my dad's side of my family.

  • I haven't opened the majority of my gifts yet, it only 8:30pm but So far I have gotten a new mouse, new keyboard, a card game called codenames (su fun), like 7 cans of pringles (I <3 them), a warm blanket, a necklace with my birth stone, a bunch of Brandon Sanderson books that I have been dying to read, and a bunch of other random snacks to make me fat while I minecraft. These are the gifts from all my semi-distant family, I haven't opened my parents or brothers yet. Wish me luck lmao.


  • dinner's almost ready as i type this so i'm a little rushed !

    some of my favourite presents include:
    β€” pvris skull & flowers jumper
    β€” vessel & blurryface
    β€” the wolf children manga
    β€” fantastic beasts & where to find them screenplay
    β€” danganronpa: the animation, volume one
    β€” and wireless headphones (not in the imgur album)

    i'm seeing the rest of my family on the thirtieth so i'm super excited for the remainder of my gifts !

    merry christmas all c:
    now i gotta scram, dinner's ready

  • why is everyone getting expensive presents and then complaining about not getting the iphone they wanted wth

    i got iFrogz Chromatix earbuds (are they any good), burts bees stuff, bath and body works stuff, sharpies (drugs), and a chicken wallet

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 Send me the chicken wallet and drugs plz

    Clothes, new computer, scarves, a book I wanted, money, and a couple more small things ((:
    Merry Christmas! <3

  • @Kath nice !! merry christmas to you tooπŸ’˜

  • @EveryoneHatesHim alt text

  • ;_; send it plz

  • Merry Kwanza

  • happy easter <3

  • n o t h i n g

  • @Skyreach rip

  • @FaithIsntHere hope you have a great thanksgiving ! :")


  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 that chicken purse is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen, im in awe

  • <3 Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard <3

  • I got coal.

  • ya'll getting a ton of expensive shit lol

    I got a Hollywood Undead shirt, some colored pencils and a sketchbook, a wallet from my friend's mom, and a phone charger (^:

  • Yeah lol I didn't get much but the next day I went to a thrift store and found this:0_1482907919817_upload-e7f423e7-45ed-4625-b324-47b6e37d73c5 If you enjoy collecting or modifying nerf guns you will know what that is. :)

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