making an imgur "gif" to an actual gif

  • (this was really stupid to make but I might as well just post this because @Kath asked me for help with her sig so I decided to screw around with the image formatting location link thing until I got somewhere)

    so, you right clicked an imgur "gif" and it says to copy the video location

    alt text
    I can't put that in there because they it'll give me this junk!

    alt text
    alt text rage intensifies

    so all u gotta do boi
    is delete the .mp4, .mp3, ect part and change it to gif

    alt text

    idkk lol

  • the gifs are so small oml

    so in the 1st gif, i'm showing how the .mp4 location type thing will just turn out as "alt text" in the previewer
    in the 2nd gif, i'm deleting the .mp4 part and changing that to .gif

  • ily ;;;)))

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Breezyswirl ^^ all those huge 12 gif signatures that take up one and a half pages :(
    Even though I literally informed everyone to not have huge signatures that take up the whole page in my first image/gif signature post :/

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