last day.. anyone want to join this server with me?

  • So,
    it's the last day before I resign as a staff member on my accord.. because of some.. reasons, and I want to spend my last day with a tag a little longer before it's taken away. It's hard for me because I've been a staff member on this server more than I've been a player.

    Anyway if anyone cares to join me, the server is and I'll be happy to do gamemode(s) with any. If you come online now, do /join Kaytherine, /list, or /seen Kaytherine.


    Some original ish gamemodes on this server feature:

    • Earthgames
      A team pvp game involving kill thirsty people (you will understand once you try it).

    • Lucky Block Brawl
      You've probably heard of it, but it's fun since it's team based as well.

    • ZombieV
      Battle through 50 waves with mob bosses. Gear up.

    And the regular servers:

    • Skyblock
    • Creative
    • Survival
    • Factions
    • Parkour

    Oh and if no one wants to come, that's fine.
    Try it out on your own free time if desired.

  • @Kaytherine I will play

  • @Breezyswirl and I are coming!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @ItsOkToBeAwkward @Breezyswirl @Xx_DE4TH_xX
    Thank you guys <3

    When you join
    you can do /seen Kaytherine, /join Kaytherine, or /list to see where the current staff members are online (:

  • Oh
    I didn't see this till later
    Can't play sry
    Have fun!!!
    Happy Christmas Eve

  • oh shit, wish I can be there m8 sorryy

  • @Mannors
    well you were here earlier today ;p

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