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  • Hi again,

    Another feature I have on my mind, is the ability to get verified. Currently, only CoderTim and a few other guys has verified their country and their social medias. How can others get verified? If we could link our Twitter, Steam and all the other socials, and get verified, that would be nice.


  • Or, a better way for people to "Get to know you better, without your consent". But I see why ye would want it.

  • Owner

    The verified tag means that NameMC has personally verified that those people own those social media accounts and aren't pretending to be someone they're not.

    CoderTim and I run NameMC so of course we know ours are legit. We don't really have time to filter through hundreds of requests to be verified, right now we mainly give it to very well known people that are prone to being impersonated, such as Mojang employees and very large Youtubers.

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