Coming Soon: Evolve [Application's Currently Open]

  • Our IP is However we are currently white-listed.

    Yup i'm working on a fresh new unique team pvp server. Staff are needed, if you want to make application feel free to :>

    make sure to include the @1SecMan / @NinventoMC

    Application Format [The Longer The Better!]


    Time Zone


    Rank you want

    What can you offer to Evolve?

    Why should we accept your application?

    Have you played on Minehut?

    Anything Else?

    We also suggest you add more, that's all we need.

  • Aphibia
    None, but pretty mature I guess
    Staff(Lowest option)
    A mature player, that treats players fairly
    Why not
    Thanks for the onesies dude. I love them

  • @Amphibia Sorry to say this, but its Denied. The reason being is that I need much more detail then just a line. ex use Short Sentences when replying to the questions. Feel free to re-apply.


    P.S. Please include @1SecMan andor @NinventoMC

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  • @Sinxamay Your application looks fair enough for a Building test. Message me and we'll figure something out.


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  • @1SecMan

    I wasn't really serious xD
    Thanks for reading it though

  • @Amphibia oh lol, np

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Best of luck with the server.

  • @Xeronsis Thanks! I suggest keeping the IP on your MC server list and check when the motd says Open ^^

    (only if you want lol)


  • Update Infomation!

    Make sure you give us a thumbs up on NameMC since you will receive a gift if you do ^^


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  • IGN- MasakazuYT

    Time Zone- Us Eastern

    Experience- Some.

    Rank you want- Moderator

    What can you offer to Evolve?- I've been a mod before on a server that my friends and I ran, we averaged around 50-100 people.
    Why should we accept your application? I am aware that people use acronyms and may use them to insult others, I can keep that from happening. I also am very aware of what a cheating program looks like in game. If someone suspects someone if cheating while im online, I will look into it for an extended period of time. Around 10 minutes. If I can't conclude a straight answer, i wont take action unless they are disrespecting other and staff. I will kick them for a 3 day period. Im of course willing to change these according to they way you wish your server to be run.

    Why should you accept me- to me honest, the only thing I can give you is that I don't see a point in being dishonest to anyone that employs me.
    Have you played on Minehut? No

    Anything Else?- Granted I don't play Minecraft as much anymore, but during the week I don't have any time to get on the server but for only briefly. Im a highschool student who is very successful in Track and Field so some nights my presence will be absent. If you decide i'm not fit for the server, that's fine. I only wish to be appreciated but i can under stand why you would not have a interest in me.

  • @MasakazuYT Sorry, but your application is denied. Your application is quite too basic and general. For example: I do know that you will punish people who break the chat rules : p. Feel Free to re-apply and to take my advice next time.


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  • Application Format [The Longer The Better!]

    IGN: Ceboo

    Time Zone: New York EST

    Experience: I have been staff on many servers and I would like to help this sever out and I could maybe learn 1 or 2 of something

    Rank you want: Helper/Mod(I can maybe help build)

    What can you offer to Evolve?: I can help make the server look professionally done, moderation and many other things.

    Why should we accept your application?: There are many great applications, but I think I can just help the server build and get along with other while moderate the chat.

    Have you played on Minehut? Yes I have I am VIP on MH , I've worked on many MH servers before and I would love to work with this server again.

    Anything Else?: If I get accepted thanks if not I will still further moderate the server and help others in chat if needed thanks for taking the time to read this.


    First off I want to thank everyone who made an application it ment a lot ^^. Staff apps are CLOSED now.

    Evolve is now Walk something which is unique and different then what Minecraft has seen in a server. I can't wait to role this one out to not just Minehut but to the NameMC community as well.

    If you have Evolve on your server list Please change it to

    Oh yeah I also offer rewards for voters so if you want your prize early then go here to get it:


    Oh right here's a teaser image to get the hype going!!!

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