Why am i banned?

  • Okay so for not logging onto blockmania for 2 days, i come back and im banned....

    i got this account 5 days ago and can show full proof.....

    IGN : hf
    Ban Reason : - there is none which helps......

    Error : "Kicked whilst connecting to 2356: You are banned forever"

    this honestly makes no sense......

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Let us keep this short and sweet.

    You threatened a player. Something that is against the rules and is a permanent ban.

    I don't want, and do not (should not) need, to explain what you said that got you banned. It was blatant. If you do not understand what you did wrong, that's your fault entirely. You will stay banned for the server for now.

    If you want to appeal your ban, please fill out the following form:

    Ban Appeal Link



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