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    I think it would be a good idea to let users have a description box on their NameMC profile. Players would have the opportunity to tell the stalkers about themselves, which servers they play on etc.

    It could be HTML/CSS, so the user could customize the description appearance, and make it look crisp. I'd personally like to have a description box on my profile, and I hope that others thinks that as well. It could be awesome if it was implemented as a feature.


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    That's why we made these forums.

    We've learned from experience that we can't trust people with the freedom to write out any text at all on their NameMC profiles without making our site look like an account-selling marketplace, among other things...

    We made these forums so people from NameMC can join here easily to discuss stuff and contact other users.

  • @Choons Perhaps you can include some more vanity features such as favorite animal, I think that many people still want more ways to personalize their namemc profile.

    Alternatively the power to write descriptions on profiles can be given selectively, according to rank on the forums or something like that.

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    @144 That's exactly what we just made. You click a single button on their NameMC profile and it links to their forum page which has as much freedom as a social-networking site.

    How is that any different?

  • @Choons Actually, you're right, it isn't really that different.

  • I personaly don't even like the idea lol

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