Name Leaderboard?

  • I was wondering if NameMC could add a name leaderboard, which displays the most viewed names on the top, from a ranked position.

    So a name like Notch would be ranked around #90 or something
    And a name like Minecraftman243 would be ranked a lot lower, or not even ranked at all.

  • that would be awesome

  • And a leader board for the most name changes? C:

  • BlockMania Administrator

    All the 'tryhard' people would just be trying to exploit the system to be in the top ranking.

  • I suggested this along time ago and got this response.

    'Choons OWNER 24 days ago

    The reason we don't we have a list like that is because it will only give the most-viewed profiles more views.

    We like to cycle views to give other people a chance in all areas of our site. It's the same reason it's limited to the last 30-days, and the same reason we show the "trending" skins instead of the all-time top skins on the front page.

    If we showed the top of everything, they'd always stay at the stop and it'd never rotate.'

    Although i agree with him i would still love to see a name leaderboard displaying the most viewed names. Sure the most-viewed get more views but YouTube have a trending videos tab. Only real downside to this in my opinion is if players start to bot their views.

  • This post is deleted!

  • The leaderboard could reset monthly, just like views. I own an account that used to get 2k views and now gets 19. So everything is fair I would imagine. The leaderboard would be constantly changing.
    You could maybe leave the leaderboards off for the first day of the month so everyone gets ranked fairly.

    Or instead of this, what if there was a leaderboard with names that are getting a lot of traffic, that way the most popular names would decline and newer names that gain traction would gain more traction until the end of the month, or until the name no longer is trending.

    Honestly some names aren't created equal. There will always be multiple people that lust after certain names.

  • Owner


    That's how it already is. It currently shows monthly views.

    Resetting each month and showing the last 30 days would have the same effect. The top list would all be people who are already well known who get more views from the leaderboard. (And like Mad mentioned, we already have constant issues with idiots scraping our site and trying to use bots to get their page views up. We don't want to reward them.)

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