Think of a Random Sentence

  • Try to think of the most random sentence. For example: He punched a cat to the pillow full of empty tangerines waiting to manipulate the sea of pants flowing over the old man with the yellow boots not knowing the barcode was the same as the spiky rug.

  • I'm going out of my life for the day and when you have to the answer to my name is memes and I don't have time for me too bad at the time I did not have a good day or nah I don't know why I have no friends I know I am a good friend to be my friends but it's so cool to have someone I know you have to say and then you don't know.
    Lol I spammed the hot bar on my phone

  • a random sentence is not easy to create it take time pineapples and windows have to be licking the cat at midnight while the socks are doing the pong dance on the moon with the president

  • this morning i ate a burrito and then i went to bed and when i was dreaming i heard a fat guy who was 8 foot 3 inches chew gum as loud as he could and boy was it annoying because then i woke up in the middle of a dream to my stalker senpai doki doki thomas san chan and kissed my gay lesbian walrus boyfriend who was a vegan on the lips and his lips tasted like lettuce and i like the taste of lettuce because lettuce tastes like water and infact watermelons are made of water so therefore if you stand on a watermelon you are part jesus but then again babies are also part water so if i stand on a baby i am also part jesus yet i am also a murderer because i was standing on a baby and babies look really ugly i dont know why people think babies are really cute because babies look like dying walruses on steroids infact i think i am on steroids right now as i am typing this extremely run long on sentence and i think i also got my grammar mixed up because i typed in run long instead of long run on sentence i am not even pressing delete please help me i have problems can whoever that is reading this help me please i really need mental help and i also think i have crippling depression i also like to watch idubbbz i dont even think i spelled his name right but i dont really care oh well i should like really finish this sentence so i will finish this sentence now

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 this isn't random this is normal

    at least for you

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't really understand the inertia of a fried egg with soy sauce mixed inside, since she took my seaweed and Spongebob had a fridge with chocolate chip cookie mom potato and paprika, but do you comprehend?

  • A trapped fox is more dangerous than a jackal

  • i love cats

  • Loife is so gret

  • I just ate a green frog that was crawling up my leg while I was thinking of a random sentence to write in first period so why am I still typing this I don't know ok here we go I need to put a period don't I ok here it is.

  • salad paper likes tea with thank you lemons and keyboard juice but grandma blankets are mean to their yellow children who live in the 1914th century fox.

  • My sentence: "Hey, hello it's me." "The camera moves and they start moving, there eyes glow in the pizzeria. The camera turns black with the words "It's Me"
    I faint, then wake up. Realizing it was a dream and not reality I open my door. Suddenly, a black figure pops up sitting on the other end of the hallway and the eyes turn red, it whispers in my ears "It's Me." I run to go away, but the figure grabs me and hurts my ears. This is my sentence so enjoy, xD.

  • This post is deleted!

  • stuffing candy canes up your nostrils is a festive way to fight off evil binoculars and seek to find the bald potato which is actually a complete waste of your time

    just like how writing this was

  • I play a block game for fun sometimes cause i am pvpeeeeeeeeeeeee m4stqr "L" mao ex deee Hypickle Memeplex MCSDead PeVPeLag

  • We could get ourselves a dog and cat so we didn't get to steal that boat, but what about the hat, should we keep it or give it away to some books or sausages with a spoon?

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