is this WEIRD?

  • So, this is pretty much kind of off topic, but I find one thing weird about the Minecraft launcher which is that when it says to put in your username or email it doesn't let you sign in with your username. I've tried many times, and it's been like this for a while now, and I don't think that many people have noticed it. If someone knows's why then feel free to reply.

  • you can't use the username option because the account is migrated

  • @Kaytherine Then why would it say username or email, when you can login in with your email only? It's been like this for a while and they should have noticed it. Thanks for replying.

  • if you haven't migrated your account to mojang then you can still use your username, otherwise it's just email

  • @Squidiipaws oh, thank you.

  • You can only put in your user if you registered at a certain year

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