Heyy, It's Jahango

  • Hello my name is Jahango, idk why I am making this but I am bored so why not!

    My name is Matt and I am Canadian and love sports and the outdoors, I play on mainly two Minecraft servers one being Havocmc.net / theminingdead.com and this has been my server where I have grown and learned a lot, I am currently the richest and best pvper on there so if you ever see me on there make sure to hit me up I could definitely hook you up with some items :) The second server I play is Brawl.com, the gamemodes I play on there are Wild West and Kit Brawl. This post is really bad and well written but I literally just woke up so idc.

    Thanks for reading I guess xD

  • Eyy I've seen you around on tmd lol

  • Welcome to the community.

  • @Jahango Hey I have seen you on brawl! Welcomee

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