how to make original texture packs (xcw style)

  • are you sick of seeing unoriginal remakes of popular packs that people claim as their own?

    do you want to change that? yes you do!

    then go no further, because I'm going to show you how to make ORIGINAL texture packs.

    (I use photoshop cs3 to make packs but you can use whatever)

    step one

    pick a name and color (don't pick a name that's been used millions of times, and don't name your pack shit like "the awsom pak 69" or "coolpack" (unless you're making a joke pack, then go right ahead)

    step two

    choose the gamemode your pack is made for (UHC, souppvp, hcf/potpvp, creative, etc.)

    step three

    with your plan in mind, crack open your editing software and get to work. spend some actual time and effort on your packs, don't rush them, you don't have a deadline if you're just doing it for fun.

    (here's an example, one of my earlier "rushed" golden apples and one of my newer ones)


    0_1481964113902_Screen shot 2016-12-17 at 3.39.24 AM.png

    more effort

    0_1481964186933_Screen shot 2016-12-17 at 3.39.45 AM.png

    step four

    finalize your pack by looking over it and seeing if there's anything out of place that you might want to change, and then compressing it into a .zip file and uploading it to mediafire, dropbox, mega, or whatever the hell you use, then upload a short release video to youtube or wherever you want.

    congratz, you've (probably) made an original texturepack!

    thanks for reading

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