What is your first username, and what is the story behind it?

  • I'll start:

    Mine was LOLCaatz, I chose it for most of my games when I was like 10 and used it when I made my original account a few years ago.

    Eventually I decided that it wasn't such a good username so I changed it to 144. I kept changing it back and forth to stop people from stealing my original username but then I realized nobody wanted it anyway

  • BlockMania Administrator


    Pokemon + Mudkip.


  • This one, duh...

  • IISugaryMellonII....

    I was eating a melon at that time.. k BAI

  • IISakuraCherryII
    Because I obviously love Sakura trees/Cherry blossom trees.

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  • Komics

    I had a lot of history behind it. I was either loved or hated. The name was just something I grew up with for almost 3 years. Until I changed it to something stupid then someone stole it. :'-(

  • My first name was "calm123" and it meant "cole-absolutely-loves-minecraft" ik it's cringey but true.

  • flossy_is_a_neko

  • My name (Sobeit2) was a really bad joke basically,cause if you broke it up it said
    so be it. but it was already taken so to make even more cringe by putting a 2 basically..
    messing up the joke.

  • BumbleGizmo

    Okay so there is history behind this,

    Bumble and Gizmo were my first ever cats. I decided to name my username after them so they would always be with me. 2 years later. Bumble was hit by a car but survived, she had half of her tail taken and one of her toes removed. 2 more years later. Bumble was let out and was run over and killed, she died in my arms. I found it hard to cope and decided I would change my name because it hurt me. Gizmo is still alive today, and I now have two new cats, Sam and Smarties. My username is now JustFoxeh but i'm changing it soon, sorry if this is alot to read, this isn't all of it but yeah, bye for now


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  • My first username is MinerScotty321. The story behind it is when I first purchased Minecraft my mum came up with this username which lead to it being my nickname which I use on everything. I eventually changed it to MinerScotty because it just sounds better than MinerScotty321.

  • Oh boy, my first username was "FRANCESCO12374" this was my first username for my Xbox Live account back in 2011, and the story behind it is because I wanted to name myself "FRANCESCO" but it was taken, and the reason why I wanted to name myself that was because of a character in the movie/game "Cars 2" (ik i was cringy back then, and I still am now) anyways, "FRANCESCO" was taken, but Xbox suggested some other usernames, "FRANCESCO12374 being one of them. I chose that name, and it stuck with me for a while. Over the course of me using the media more often, I changed my username quite a lot.

  • Mr_Secret77. The reason I chose it was cause it was my Clash of Clans username

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  • I had MeepPikmin
    because I thought capital letters were cool they can be but that placement why

    Meep because I ran around saying MEEP to everyone back when I was little and I thought it was super original
    And Pikmin because who doesn't like Pikmin. actually it was because my 'crush' back then's username was ndspikmin

  • @MinerScotty You let your mom decide your minecraft username?
    never let your mom decide your username

  • Mangodye

    I like mangos + like why not make some dye outta it #Deep

  • First username (ever) was 'deathawaits' on PlayStation because one of my friends that played Call of Duty a lot had the name 'TortureAwaits' and I thought it'd be interesting. On here though, I just wanted a name that started with an X pronounced like a Z that also had no numbers/underscores.

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