Worst/Funny teacher story?

  • Honestly, I'm new here at NameMC Community and I just wanna spark it up aye.

    So my question to you is, what's your worst/funny teacher story any why?


    1. In the 6th grade (lmao, I was like 11 ok), my teacher, Ms. King, she was that strict teacher. Remind you, I'm at a new school, new people, and this lady is really loud and just rude. She wasn't even nice looking, and I'm not one to judge for looks but people called her Shrek. Others called her a gorilla (Harambe?) because all she'd do is eat in class. She was around 50 and was an obese woman with crooked teeth. Basically, she's that evil witch in a story. She had a cart because she didn't have a permanent class, so she borrowed another teacher's class during 7th hour. Anyways, we walked into class and sat down, took out our books, paper, pencil, and etc. We started taking Cornell notes as she was writing down on the board. Notes, notes, and more notes. It came time to her having to erase the board, and the minute she went to reach up on the board, let me remind you it's so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. All you could hear was a large enormous cloud of gas come out of her. It sounded like NASA launching a rocket. Oh dear, everyone in the class started laughing and she stared at us with her hawk-like eyes and yelled at the top of her lungs "QUIET". She started to give us a long speech about how we should be mature and how farts are normal. Basically, she wasted the rest of the 20-25 minutes we had with her that day.

    2. Another time, she was lecturing us about the Mayans and the Incas. She talked about the gold and other stuff when she stopped during her speech and told us to take out a certain piece of paper she gave us a couple days before. One of the kids in my class, Chris, had a really messy bookbag. We all had our piece of paper on our desk and were waiting for Chris to take his out. Oh my, she was angry with him about losing his piece of paper, took him to the back of the class along with his book bag and sat down with him. She took our everything in his bookbag and was scolding and organizing everything in there. He was so embarrassed but y'know he kinda deserved it. He was that one kid in class who was a player and was dating 8th graders. No one really liked him because he was a perv and tried to get in girls' pants. (Sadly, he tried making a move on me and it didn't end well for him) When Ms. King was finished, she walked around and lectured some more. Oh boy here comes the good part. She states "Oh man, my feet are hurting a lot" and goes to sit on one of the tables at the end of mine. When she hopped on it to sit on it, the table collapsed due to her weight and flipped her backward. Oh my, everyone was laughing so hard, and she was so angry again. As you can guess, she gave us another speech.

    Let me know how you felt about mine. I can't wait for your stories.

  • @HellurTherre I had a teacher in 4th grade named, "Mrs.Wenzler". She is one of those teachers who are really nice to parents but really really RUDE to ALL students. Every time someone would like talk or something she just gets triggered SO EASILY. She like gave us speeches about how we need to like be better, or remember what you learned in the past in shit. Well. This is where it gets worse. Everyone had a seat after Lunch class and LISTEN TO THIS. As she was slowly walking up to the board, and doing a lesson and stuff and asking us to get us our Homework out. My friend named Josh. Had not finished his Homework. He tried his best to hide it from her but didn't work in the end. SHE PROCEEDED TO FUCKING GET THE PAPER OUT OF HIS HANDS AND START YELLING AT HIM. AT THAT POINT HE FUCKING CRIED??? WTF. I'm pretty sure it's against the law to yell and make a student cry??... Honestly, I'm just fucking happy I'm not in her class anymore. LISTEN TO THIS TOO. When she is around with her old time Students. SHE GETS SO NICE AND GETS HAPPY. When I used to talk to her. I HAD TO BE THE NICEST I CAN BE AROUND HER. IT KILLED ME.

  • I don't have this teacher, I take Latin, but the Spanish teacher at my school, oh boy.

    The following is what I have heard from every Spanish taker at my school. None of this is first-hand, but it's very closely second hand.

    There's nothing fun in her class, it's way too fast-paced learning, she makes everyone regret taking Spanish and probably make them hate it for the rest of their lives.. you should see them when another teacher tells us we might miss language, all the Spanish students jump out of their seats and start partying..

    She yells at people to be quiet when they are simply changing sitting positions and she picks the most extreme favorites (to friend1: oh, you weren't paying attention in class and got all the test answers wrong? Here, do a retake! VS to friend2: you.. you got the answer wrong. you got the answer wrong?! YOU GOT THE ANSWER WRONG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! STAY AFTER CLASS!)

    Friend consults resident Spanish master one grade older about this teacher.
    Her words:
    'Yeah, it's insane! She's crazy now, she rages at everything! What did you guys do to her? She was so nice before you guys came in!'

    Very glad I'm not in Spanish :D (I hate the language anyway so)

  • This was about a month ago in choir we were just doing nothing. My choir teacher is chill so he was sitting in a rolling chair and we started pushing him around. My friend accidently let go so my teacher was going full speed into a bunch of boxes.. he crashed and the rolling chair flipped over and he went flying then finally skidded to a stop and was laying on the ground motionless. Wish I had my phone out and somehow recorded it.. it was hilarious.

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  • @Clqire That reminds me of the endless Crush vs. Chair + SS teacher war

    He keeps sitting in her rolling chair and she keeps pushing him out of it
    She hid it once but he found it
    She put it in another teacher's room and he left the classroom to retrieve it

    Another person sits in it and the teacher's like
    '(senpai), why aren't you asserting your rightful place on my rolling chair?'

  • Uhh
    One time this teacher flipped a bottle in a trash can without looking and then she dabbed and everyone was screaming and yelling

    Another time my friends and I saw my ela teacher in 6th grade use this app called match. Lol

    The announcement person (Ms.Dyer) at my school had to read this piece of paper and it was so cringy.

    She said
    "No bottle flipping at school"
    "No roasting at school"


  • two of my teachers are literal meme addicts one is 32 and the other one is like a 40 year old mother who says "lol" and literally whipped out her phone and let everyone play with the snapchat filters
    but then again, this is a preparatory school with a strict no pop culture rule yet its "top 15 schools in the united states"
    psh nahh

    everyone was getting ready for this project because my 32 year old teacher lets call her Ms. Devra had the period right before our project rehearsal thing and didn't really care
    so she wanted to get a group picture of everyone in their little costumes
    and she asked for all of us to dab in the photo
    she also roasted a girl in our class
    "you fart an average of about 7 times a day"
    "hmm i'm not average"
    "so you're above average?"

    but at my old school in 5th grade, i was in the advanced math class that taught 6th grade math (im so cool)
    and the 6th grade math teacher was an absolute savage
    she roasted this guy in our class named Chas and he started crying
    Chas also tried to hop the fence twice
    and failed twice
    she also roasted this really annoying girl named Erika
    she also cried and got really mad

  • Substitute teacher Mr. Beach let us use our phones. "No phones at school"

    And this teacher gave us 3/5 in a double period of ela. The teacher didn't do anything except yell at us. But this student said "I no speak English" even though he did and then the teacher read the book he had to him. Meanwhile some of the people in my class switched seats and also was on snap chat.
    My home room teacher told our ela teacher on what happened and in home room, we had like 20 min detention lol

  • I would say this was from a 5th grader perspective as well.

    Our homeroom teacher in 5th grade was absent for a few weeks for whatever reason (pregnancy, I think?) at the end of the school year. Fortunately enough, we had a substitute teacher. Since us, the students, were in the 5th grade, you can expect us to be somewhat rowdy and immature. The substitute teacher's name was Mrs. Medford (I think, but wait). Not one person in the class liked her, but we tried our best to still act respectful at her presence. Most substitutes were either uptight or just plain out lazy. Lucky us, she was always on top of the game. Anyway, as immature 5th grader brats, we would joke about her horrid stench, crooked teeth, warts, upper lip hair, and fat. Besides her appearance, she was easily irritated. Like for example, if you didn't sit in your assigned seat, she would have given a short rant to the entire class about following directions and blah blah blah. Overall, she was hella strict and was not aware of our infantile minds.

    Not that I am proud about dramatizing her appearance, but as a 5th grader, we didn't know any better. The longer we had Mrs. Medford, the more we kept gossiping about her. Yeah, and eventually we gave her the nickname: Mrs. Manford. As the days carried on, we missed more of our original teacher. Some students nowadays would be blessed to have a substitute teacher, but not us.

    And uhh...
    ~rant time~
    to this day, I honestly dislike teachers who lecture about minuscule problems.
    Smh, it's a waste of class time and they have the audacity to blame the students for wasting their time. LIKE don't even bother giving us a 10m lecture about something as simple as spilling a drink on the floor and then whining that it is the fault of the students.

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  • BlockMania Administrator

    When my grade graduated we got our congratulations for graduating high school certificate with our year book picture on it. As you can see, they forgot mine...

    alt text

  • @Mooshroom I literally choked when I saw the picture I ams o sorr Y

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    Couple years ago there was a older male teacher who was bald, had a long neck and would always wear turtleneck sweaters. He had his own printer in his office and I would always print off pictures of turtles to his printer. Never got caught, good fun. :turtle:

  • When I was in fourth grade I remember this dare that was going on between the girls, in the female restrooms there was a stall that was missing a door, and of course being the immature 4th graders that we were, we continuously dared each other to use that one. I remember one of these such times a girl in our class was dared, and excepted, because we offered her a part of each of our lunches ( this girl was obese and ate pretty much anything in front of her..). So she sat down on the loo and all of us gathered around the sinks and acted casual . Little did we know that a little 1st grade girl was telling her teacher on us, shortly the kid's teacher arrives (Mrs. Jufg) and her eyes omg I didn't know it was physically possible for eyes to get that large. She just starts screaming, and runs up to the my friend on the toilet, and she slipped on some toilet paper and smacked her head on the toilet, and I kid you not, passed out... :neutral_face:
    She was rushed to the hospital with a concussion, this gave my friend enough time to get off the toilet and escape certain doom. I will NEVER forget that, it was traumatizing and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

  • My teacher claimed she's allergic to sugar just because she ate a whole bag of Randoms and felt lightheaded afterwards.

    Not the funniest, but from the top of my head.

  • Well I don't have a teacher, i'm home-schooled :(

  • Yeah so one time I had my sweatshirt tied around my waste and I was playing with the sleeve and like spinning it in a circle and one of the ladies that watch us as lunch came over and yelled at me and said I could kill somebody.

    Also one time I took out my calculator on a spanish test and pretended to use it to cheat and I actually got in trouble.

    I got more stories but I have to go to school so I will just end up posting more.

  • My 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Demirjian, was writing notes on her ipad for us to follow along and this kid was talking and she was waiting for him to be quiet and told him to be quiet but he didn't and she threw her starbucks at him. A caramel latte with extra cream

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    just today my science teacher did a cartwheel in the middle of class, I wasn't listening so I don't know how it came up in a conversation, but she bet us she could do it. Idek why this came up, its not like we were talking about physics or something, it was weather change ;P

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