Most viewed names ?!?!

  • HiiYaa i think there should be a most viewed names section under the Names tab. Would be cool seeing what names are most viewed and would help some names get more attention in my opinion.

    For example some names get crazy views because they have a minecon cape, because they are super active, because they are staff on a popular server or because they're known on YouTube/Twitch. Some real sick names get next to no attention if they're inactive and i feel like with a section showing lets say 'top 1000 most viewed names' it would shine some light on those accounts.


  • Good idea, but I'm not sure of the purpose for it. It would most likely just be a publicity act for names like "Minecraft" "Pancake" and more. If anything, it may just encourage people to keep "viewing" their own page for votes.

    It also may not work the way you want it to from the perspective that it will shine light on other lower names, because not many people are going to scroll down to number 673 on the list.

    I think that if we could pull it off with good reason, it'll probably work very well

    i dun- tywer

  • This would definitely fit in with the other novelty features such as degrees of separation.

    I for one am curious to know!

  • I'd personally like that as well. My guess is 8 is in the top 3.

  • Interesting.
    Would be really cool to see!

  • @Quack Yea i think atm its like
    #1 - 8
    #2 - Trump (we can guess why this acc is #2 atm LUL)
    #3 - G

    but then who knows,

    Edit: saying that, Stimpay is #2 i think. I completely forgot about YouTubers. im guessing huge minecraft YouTubers have a ton of views

  • @Mad Notch also has quite a lot of views. But yeah, big YouTubers are going to be there regardless if they have an OG name. :P

  • yeah I like this idea I think its cool. Im interested to see what the top 100 or so are

  • Owner

    The reason we don't we have a list like that is because it will only give the most-viewed profiles more views.

    We like to cycle views to give other people a chance in all areas of our site. It's the same reason it's limited to the last 30-days, and the same reason we show the "trending" skins instead of the all-time top skins on the front page.

    If we showed the top of everything, they'd always stay at the stop and it'd never rotate.

  • we tried boyysss

  • @Mad Yeah, one time Stimpy was like at the top, for skins and views. His skins would always be on the "Trending" page

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