Trending Packs?

  • We know how we all have like trending skins I was just think if they could add trending packs so I don't have to spend 10 hours looking for a good pack

  • God Idea flat ass man

  • Owner

    Resource packs?

  • @Choons Yes

  • Banned

    @IHaveAFlatAss If you are wanting a PvP type of pack then I suggest checking "CurtCo" out his packs are amazing.

    Other than that, You could check this guy out he showcases some lit packs.

  • @IHaveAFlatAss Dynamic Duo either the original one or the 128x but Latenci. Those are pretty good ones.

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    That's not really practical. With skins we can just show off a skin in a small image. We can't show off an entire resource pack (which can include sounds, etc.) in a simple image. And how would we track duplicates? Even if we made profiles for each pack which would be a ton of work, someone could change one block and rename it and say they made it.

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