Favorite Communications App

  • I personally love Discord the most out of the list; but Telegram is a cool app as well just cause of how simple it is to use and it supports OS X amazingly.

  • I'm too lazy to try Telegram :/

    Discord is nice because it has music
    My old friends are all on Skype

  • @meeppikmin_ Yeh thats the prob, people are still using Skype. I try to convince them that Discord has tons of features that Skype doesn't have, but they still use Skype. The only reason I really hate Skype is that people keep on making mass groups, even though you can do those in Discord, they aren't a common occurrence.

  • Banned

    @AwesomeAhmad1 I love to use Discord, Although all of my friends use Skype :(

  • Discord/Slack/TS3
    Discord is a happy marriage between TS3 and Slack.

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